SHOCKING VIDEO: MRFF Reveals U.S. Military Being Used as Government-Paid Missionaries

Click above to watch this 4:20 video: US Military Missionaries (V3 Abridged)

Click here to watch the original, unabridged 6:58 version: U.S. Military being used as Government-Paid Missionaries

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    1. Neal Wright

      Godphobia is an epidemic in America. A simple discussion about Jesus, a Bible verse or even mentioning prayer deserves “corrective action” according to this organization? They say they are working tirelessly to protect the “constitutionally guaranteed separation of church and state”. Every time I look for it, I can’t find that in the constitution. This is the politically correct “newspeak” phrase that is used every time someone or some group wants to “prohibit the free exercise of religion” in America. Now, that protection IS in the constitution. No laws are to prohibit FREE exercise of religion according to the plain and simple wording of the constitution.

    2. James

      Good! I think that the military needs more Chaplains! These people choose to attend these meetings, they are not forced! They have the same opportunity to attend services for other faiths as well as not attending at all with no punishments. So you are wasting your time, efforts and money on trying to degrade a single religion and I hope that someone brings a law suite against you for that.

    3. Danny

      Government-paid brainwashing in the military is an abomination – and illegal. If you want to believe in ghosts, that’s your business – but, the government should not pay for your fantasies.

    4. mikey

      Screw that Ranger chaplain clown and the all rest of those crazy “military evangelical bunch of friggin Sky Pilots”.

      I would have sold EVERYBODY’S Soul to the Devil or the Easter Bunny for a hot cup of coffee, a dry smoke and a 5 minute nap.

      Hell, forget the coffee and nap Devil and Bunny, the 1st one make the dry smoke appear and the you had the deal.

      Same thing in Nam combat.

      You’d had better have been Jesus himself if we caught you praying instead of firing and fighting when the VC/NVA were blowing whistles, bugles and coming at us with intentions of eating us alive.

      A pox on and screw all of those the evangelical Sky Pilots

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