Re: “Fundamentalist Christian Monsters,” Mikey’s OpEd “language,” and a response from MRFF volunteer, Andy

The language used in this OpEd is not going to attract people with rational minds.  It is the kind of thing one would expect to find within a fringe organization’s site.  You can rise above this sort of thing.
(name withheld)

 The following is a response from MRFF volunteer Andy Kasehagen

(name withheld),

Mikey has read your email comments and has asked me to respond on behalf of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).

What you have chosen to take offense to and offered advice on (“The language used in this OpEd…”) is specifically the rationale behind my decision to originally volunteer for MRFF almost 3 years ago.  17 years of firsthand experience in participating in and objecting to the inertia of smaller governmental institutions’ tendency to steamroll polite requests for change or action led to this very rational decision.

If you take the time to read Mikey’s biography or either of his books, you will see Mikey’s attempts to ‘rise above it’ were met repeatedly by the steamrolling tendency of a much larger governmental institution (Department of Defense) than I ever had to deal with.  A government institution filling with powerful leaders aligning themselves with a religious institutional structure determined to unconstitutionally control government and all aspects of our society (Christian Dominionism).   Mikey’s abandonment of ‘milk toast’ demands or responses has appealed to many other rational individuals such as former Ambassador Joseph Wilson and Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (former chief of staff to Sec. of State Colin Powell) who populate MRFF’s Board & Advisory Board (full list attached).

Mikey’s very forceful style in making demands or pointing out unmitigated hypocrisy as he did in this OpEd, has produced a track record of success on behalf of U.S. Military service members faced with unconstitutional religious influence in their training, assignments, advancement, and retention that is second to none.  Mikey’s successful style led to the adoption of the 1st ever religious neutrality standard enforceable under the UCMJ (Air Force Instruction 1-1, Section 2.11) and has been recognized by 5 Nobel Peace Prize nominations and being named to the List of 100 Most Influential People in U.S. Defense (compiled over five months by more than two dozen reporters and editors representing the world’s biggest military newsroom and the award-winning staffs of Gannett Government Media’s sector-leading publications: Defense News, Army Times, Air Force Times, Navy Times, Marine Corps Times, Armed Forces Journal and Federal Times).

In regards to your obvious desire to denigrate MRFF as a “fringe organization”, I can only respond with Thank You.  MRFF, as with most organizations established to protect civil rights and liberties, deals with constitutional protections designed for minority interests (a.k.a. The Fringe).    Mikey very effectively points this out in his OpEd by calling out hypocrisy in those within the religious majority who chose to use their religious beliefs to oppress others, then squeal that they are being oppressed whenever their oppressive actions are uncovered or thwarted.

In closing his OpEd, Mikey provided a quote from Elie Wiesel regarding indifference and the effect it will have within the U.S. and its military.  I will close by adding another quote that Mikey and everyone at MRFF strongly believe in:

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what a people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. Men may not get all they pay for in this world; but they must pay for all they get.
(Frederick Douglas, an address on West India Emancipation on 8-4-1857)

You are encouraged to join us in making demands without indifference.


Andy Kasehagen

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  1. BC

    It isn’t “putting power behind the speech.” It is insulting. It is demeaning. It is dehumanizing. It makes you seem nuts and it turns away people who otherwise are going to support your principles. I’m one. I’ve met Mikey in person, and he’s a great guy. But this was extreme. It was inexcusable. No matter how much you defend it you all just look like school yard bullies.

  2. john michaels

    human rights violations
    United States of America
    Obama Administration
    DOD scientists/DARPA/Illegal/nonconsenual human experimentation
    Dr Jun Chen (DOD research grant),Dr Richard Berk(Precrime),Dr Martha Farah(neurology)university of pittsburgh
    Dr. Arati Prabhakar(DARPA),Dr. Geoffrey Ling(DOD),Dr Walter J. Koroshetz(Department of Health and Human Services)
    Army Col. Charles Engel, M.P.H., M.D.,Demay psychology pentagon,USPHS Capt. Janet Hawkins, MSW, MPA, Navy
    Captain Paul S. Hammer (DCoE),
    genocide/murder and assault of adults,babies and children
    Drones/satellites/elf-vlf towers/cell towers
    equipped with MEDUSA and like technologies
    Microwave/electromagnetic radiation (neurological manipulation/torture/rape)
    voice to skull (V2K) mental torture/rape
    —they are also raping children and adults in jewish synagogues and christian sanctuaries
    major general jeffrey jacobs commander army reserve psyops-
    lt gen william caldwell, major general jeffrey jacobs army reserve psychological operations
    is raping rabbis,preachers,priests,christians,jews, and their children with psychotronic warfare-
    drones/satellites and other military equipment-
    in their synagogues,cathedrals, and churches….IN THE UNITED STATES
    they use v2k(voice to skull) to be the voice of god (the Torah says no man may claim deity!)
    the obama administration condones this in the united states-
    Please contact the aclj/aclu/the hague/the u.n./preachers/teachers/evangelists/rabbis
    or anyone who can to stop this blasphemy!!!
    Where is our constitutionally protected freedom of religion!

  3. HippieHatemonger Watch

    This is great! SO many Rad Libs just can’t operate in stealth mode. For example Big Mouthed Radical Enabler Van Jones was ousted before he was really inside.
    Don’t worry Constitution lovers, just because this fat cube is ignoring the
    “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” part of the 1st Amendment, doesn’t mean the bureaucrats or the desk jockeys with the stars on their suits are going to stick their behinds out to get it swatted by the Supreme Court, Congress and the American citizen down the line. Unconstitutional Laws are NUL AND VOID.

    Christophobic Hatemongering, on the other hand is a Constitutionally protected right.

  4. Child of the One True King

    I am a Child of the One True King!

    Our Great Teacher walked with children, talked with children, and was interested in each indiviual soul. So shall I!

    God Almighty Be Glorified!

    “Let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them sing joyful praises forever. Spread your protection over them, that all who love your name may be filled with joy.” Psalm 5:11

    “I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me. No wonder my heart is glad and I rejoice.” Psalm 16:8-9

    “May we shout for joy when we hear of your victory and raise a victory banner in the name of our God.” Psalm 20:5

    One day you, too, shall be judged. Our Great God Almighty will one day be back to rule over everyone in this world, even you. I will rejoice in the day that you, and all others like you, are proven wrong. Yes, our soldiers defend the American flag and abide by the American Constitution, but the very first soldiers (the ones who fought for your independence in this country) also battled for this land and did it in the name of THE LORD!!

    May your family be blessed with the righteousness of the Holy Father who lives within each of us. You can be saved and live a new life among us Christians.


  5. glenn

    Mr. Weinstein,

    First I want to say, I honor the Jewish people. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is also my God, for He is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. As such, everybody has incredible worth and value. It is their right as those created in the image and likeness of God to have the dignity to choose whoever or whatever they want to worship.

    With that said, I can’t imagine the pain you must have gone through to have your kids accosted when they were in the AF academy. To hear people say, “Your family will burn in hell,” must have been tough for your kids to take.

    On the other hand, sir, I question and challenge you: why all the hate? Why all the bitterness? Can’t your kids take care of themselves? They are grown people. Also, the very motto of your website is a direct contradiction. Religion was mentioned 3 times. Religion and patriotism, religion and flag, religion and the Constitution as scripture. To claim that your organization is upholding the so-called separation of church and state is actually establishing a religion, seeing how your religion is the flag, patriotism and the constitution. I thought that your understanding of the constitution is the SEPARATION of church and state. A flat out contradiction here.

    Second, sir, please, please tell me where even the CONCEPT of the separation of church and state appears or is even alluded to in our Constitution? And please let me remind you, sir, because I KNOW you researched this, that our Supreme court, over the course of our country’s history, declared THREE TIMES that our country is a Christian nation. (but I’m sure you know that). The most recent time was 1954. Also, let me remind you, since I KNOW that you know this, that the First and Second Charters of the state of Virginia, has, as part of its purpose, the propagation of the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.

    You are free to engage me anytime, sir. I’d be glad to talk to you. And yes, the Jewish Rabbi, Jesus, did say, that if you don’t repent, you will perish. I pray, Mr. Weinstein that you turn to Jesus before it’s eternally too late for you. And yes, sir, I’m am seeking to proselytize you. And in our country, the last time I checked we ARE allowed to do this. You don’t have to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior, but that does not mean that I am forbidden from telling you about Jesus. Just like YOU are free to give your opinions to anybody you choose.

    Oh, and just so you know, I saw MANY people come to faith in Christ as their Lord and Savior over the course of my 29+ year military career, with over a decade being that as an active duty chaplain. I engaged people who had spiritual needs and sought to bring them to faith in Christ, whether in the workcenter, the flight line, the counseling office, the chapel. In fact, when I was in Technical School, a red rope befriended me and was instrumental in my coming to Jesus; I had a minimal religious background growing up.

    However, for those who didn’t want to hear it, I backed off. I’m not into coercing people. Neither was the Lord Jesus. And having spent a lot of time on the inside from first hand experience, I never met one chaplain, or for airman that matter who in any way resembled the “monsters” that you have so recently caricatured–and I met all kinds of people, to include Norse Pagan religion members, Orthodox Jewish rabbis, Wiccans, Catholic priests, Independent Baptists, etc. Some of them were actually on the same chapel staffs I was privileged to serve. I engaged them, knowing I would never change their minds, but I didn’t push the gospel on them, either.

    And spiritual rape? Really? Sir, if that’s how you really feel, you have serious issues. I would suggest you get some help. I do care for you, as a human being. But your ideas need some serious overhauling, as far as I’m concerned.

    Again, you have the freedom to promote your ideas. More power to you. Just don’t stymie my freedom to promote mine.


    Glenn Hawkins
    Chaplain, Major, USAF, Retired

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