FOX NEWS – The O’Reilly Factor features Mikey Weinstein – “Religion in the US military”


Video length: 6 min 23 sec


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  1. Jay

    I went to a Christian College for 2 years, I was gonna be a missionary pilot. I know more about this crap than most ministers.

    They are not Christians, it is a bunch of cults based on lies & hate.

    You do not have a right to run your mouth & use your power & position to force people into a lie.

    I think genocide of certain classes would be great, I keep my mouth shut cause it bothers people & I keep most of my “crap” to myself.

    Cynthia, read this and learn, whatever group you are in, just from what you say, you are being sold a bill of goods & nothing remotely close to what Jesus would say or do.

  2. Bill Gibbons

    So, is Weinstein just targeting Christians, or do Muslims in the US military sharing their faith need to be dealt with just as harshly?

  3. stanley Trent Bemis

    this is almost unbelievable,and espcially from a christian perpective-the founder of the Jewish sect who became known as THE PRINCE OF PEACE WHO SAID ,’put up thy sword(weapon)”would hardly endorse this sort of there no end of takeing God’s name in vein By these”Christians”?”A new commandment I give unto you,that you love one another”.?e

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