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Mikey Weinstein Interview

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Shaw AFB Removes Nativity Scene After Complaints

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Shaw Air Force Removes Nativity Scene

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    1. Darlene Johnson

      I am very offended that Christians are being persecuted in this, the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave”. Our “BRAVE” cannot even enjoy Christmas, a NATIONAL holiday? Why can’t we have one day to celebrate without being harassed or sued? Why can’t the control freaks leave Christians alone to enjoy their 1st Amendment rights? I am very disgusted about this arrogant action by control freaks! I am angry! Our military personnel put up with enough without having this one special day also taken away from them. Good grief! Many of the service personnel will have to be away from their loved ones at Christmas. How can you be so heartless? SHAME ON YOU!!!

    2. notachurch

      Congratulations on saving our poor traumatized airmen from the highly offensive, dangerous plastic figures! holy batman, that was close! So, could you please go to Fort Hood and kick out any remaining jihadi terrorists before they kill any more of our soldiers on US soil?? Separation of religion and all that. Oh, and you mght want to wander into any common core school and expose the muslim indoctrination being imposed on our innocent children. We simply cannot have any religion of any kind in a school supported by federal tax money. Thank you so much for saving us from christian zealots who preach morality and kindness…oh the horror of it all

    3. David Kuhn


      I sure wish the American population knew the true meaning of separation of Church and State.

      Unfortunately, most, like this misguided soul don’t actually have a clue. I am so sick of these mean spirited, angry, sad, believe-in-nothing whiners ruining for many the reason of our celebration.

      What does Separation of Church and State really mean? Here it is!

      James Madison, trained to be a minister and preacher of the Gospel, is rightly called “the father of the United States constitution,” as he played a key role in its framing. Both James Madison and Thomas Jefferson are called the “Champions of Religious Freedom.” Why? Because they both spoke out against an established state-controlled church, such as the Anglican church in Virginia, which had forced all citizens to attend its services, pay tithes and which had persecuted all other Christian churches, such as the Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Mennonites, Lutherans, Quakers, etc.

      All these other Christian churches could not hold their own services, nor could they preach the Gospel without permission from the Anglican church. In Virginia, the Baptists had been thrown into prison on occasion, for worshipping God in their own way, and for preaching the Gospel outside the Anglican church.

      Thomas Jefferson put a stop to this religious persecution, by Act of Congress, with his document: “Statutes for Religious Freedom in Virginia,” which abolished the Anglican state-controlled church, replacing it with Freedom of Religion, that is freedom of different Christian churches, as above mentioned, to worship in their own way, without being persecuted and punished.

      This is the real meaning of the First Amendment Clause of our United States Constitution, which reads:

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…”

      Father of the United States Constitution, James Madison had this clause put into the Constitution, in order that the government would never again force citizens to attend a state-controlled church, such as the Anglican Church in Virginia had been.

      This is the true meaning of the phrase:

      “Separation of the Church from interference by the State”

      Now, all the different Christian denominations could worship God in their own way, and preach the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ wherever they wished.


      We have strayed so far from the truth, most Americans don’t even recognize Truth anymore. Those of you in the Judeo Christian Faith quit backing down to those who are clueless. Express your faith openly and freely. Those of you who have no faith, feel free to express that as well… But DON’T, and I mean DON’T try to suppress or take away the rights of those who want to celebrate what is the most meaningful day to Christians world wide.

      If you don’t want to participate, no problem, don’t. If you are offended by a manger scene, a Christmas tree, the colors red and green or any other symbolism, turn your head and walk away. I have to live with your lies everyday of my life without recourse; I guess you are going to have to live with my Truth for one day a year. GET OVER IT! Its my right given by the Constitution and the founders of this county. It you need relief, feel free to find a country that gives you that right… might I suggest IRAN!

      Merry Christmas!!!

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