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To Mr. Weinstein and all of the hardworking staff and volunteers at MRFF,

                I would like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication in the fight for religious freedom throughout the United States military.  I’m writing you today to let you know that your efforts in holding leaders accountable are paying off and people are beginning to take note! 

                I am an active-duty Captain in the United States Army with (number of years withheld) years time-in-service and was raised in a good Catholic household.  I had been very fortunate in my military career and never had to experience first-hand the cases of blatant and unconstitutional proselytizing that required MRFF intervention…until I got here; (military installation and unit name withheld).  From the moment I first walked through the door, I was bombarded with fundamentalist Christian proselytizing materials at literally every turn!  No matter which route through the hallways I took, it was impossible for me to get to my office without passing stacks and bookcases full of bibles, fundamentalist Christian pamphlets, flyers encouraging people to get baptized, etc.  In one location, there was even a bookcase of bibles and pamphlets placed in an already narrow hallway that would have served as a main evacuation route in the event of a fire!  It became agonizingly clear to me that the leaders who allowed this disgusting evangelizing to take place day after day were more concerned with converting their subordinates to their fundamentalist version of Christianity than they were with anything else.  Not only were they willing to breach their professional ethics and desecrate the very constitution they swore an oath to uphold, but they were willing to risk the very lives of those they were charged with leading to accomplish their religious goals. 

                Day after day for more than nine months I walked through those hallways feeling like I was somehow less valuable to my organization because of my personal beliefs.  I had considered submitting a complaint to my Commanding General, (name and rank withheld), but thought that if he was willing to let the proselytizing occur in his own building then he also might be willing and certainly able to negatively affect my career if I didn’t go along with it.  Several months went by and we finally got a new Commanding General.  I had been trying to formulate the best way to express my concerns to the new CG, (name and rank withheld), when I got an E-mail requesting that I complete his initial command climate survey.  I took that opportunity to put my complaints in writing and clicked send not expecting anything to ever come of it.  To my surprise, however, I walked through the door about a week later and noticed that every last piece of fundamentalist Christian propaganda had been removed overnight!  I was reading on MRFF’s website later on that evening about another case involving a top leader in my organization, (name and rank withheld), who had been using his office to promote his own religious beliefs and it all became perfectly clear.  I don’t believe that my single complaint would have been enough to garner such a quick response by itself.  I attribute 100% of my success in confronting my leadership to the outstanding work that MRFF is doing.  If my Command here in (unit name withheld) had not already been confronted by MRFF for the other incident, I am convinced my complaint would have been simply brushed aside.

                Again I would like to express my undying gratitude for all you are doing.  My experience has shown me that the proselytizing leaders know that what they are doing is wrong and all it takes to stop them is for someone to hold them accountable.  In my case, I think that all it took was for the Commander, (name and rank withheld), to think that MRFF might get involved and he made the correction himself almost immediately.

                     Without MRFF doing all of the good you all do for those of us in uniform, none of this night and day difference would have ever happened in my military unit here at (military installation name withheld)

With sincerest thanks,                                     

                                                                                      Very respectfully, 

                               CPT (Name, MOS, military installation and unit all withheld)

                                United States Army

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2/11/16 MRFF Demand Letter Re: Armed Green Beret Chaplains Thu, 11 Feb 2016 19:38:07 +0000 Click to view PDF


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Patrick J. Murphy

Acting Secretary of the Army

101 Army Pentagon

Washington, DC 20310-0101


Dear Mr. Acting Secretary Murphy:

I am writing to express the Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s great concern that Army Chaplains are attending assault training and even carrying weapons.

The Army recently posted an online article entitled “Special Forces Tab, Green Beret, SFQC – A Vehicle For Chaplains” (see addendum, pages 3-5). The article tells the stories of three Army Chaplains – Chaplain (Capt.) Mike Smith, Chaplain (Maj.) Timothy Maracle, and Chaplain (Maj.) Peter Hofman – who have completed the Special Forces Qualification Force (“SFQC”). While the article highlighted the sense of camaraderie with Special Forces soldiers these Chaplains claim such training fostered, it neglected to mention that these Chaplains are violating Army Regulations.

Army Regulation 165-1 states:

3-1f. Noncombatant. Chaplains will not bear arms in combat or in unit combat skills training. Chaplains function as protected personnel under the Geneva Convention and are noncombatants as a matter of Army policy (see FM 27-10). Chaplain activities in religious support operations will not compromise the noncombatant status. (emphasis added)

As you know, violation of an Army Regulation is punishable under the provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. While only Chaplain (Maj.) Hofman admitted to carrying a weapon, it can safely be presumed that all three of these Chaplains used weapons while participating in the SFQC. Consequently, the Army should punish this clear violation, rather than praising it as a “vehicle for Chaplains.”

This regulation is necessary for the protection of Chaplains, as well as all others granted noncombatant status, such as medical personnel. It is designed to allow, even in war, for the spiritual care of combatants and POWs. If a handful of Chaplains violate this very clear regulation, the enemy has no reason to honor the protected status of any noncombatant.

While these Chaplains apparently believe that going through SFQC and carrying weapons helps them connect with the Special Forces soldiers they will counsel, MRFF submits it will actually have the opposite effect. In the article, Chaplain (Maj.) Hofman directly compared his mission with Special Forces with the mission of Jesus. As if that weren’t enough of a problem, he did so while carrying a weapon. The chilling effect such conviction while armed will have on the willingness of soldiers to seek counsel from him can only be monumental.

Regardless of any benefits these Chaplains believe are received from completing SFQC and carrying weapons, the nature of the military is to obey orders even if doing so causes great risk to that soldier’s own life. We demand that the Army Regulations be obeyed and that these Chaplains be disciplined for their violations as required by the Uniform Code of Military Justice.



Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein, Esq.

Founder and President

Military Religious Freedom Foundation



Hon. Ruth S. Vetter, Esq. – Director, Standards of Conduct Office, Department of Defense General Counsel

Gen. Mark A. Milley, U.S. Army Chief of Staff

CH (MG) Paul K. Hurley, Chief of Chaplains of the United States Army

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COLORADO SPRINGS INDEPENDENT – AFA logjam finally breaks Wed, 10 Feb 2016 19:21:25 +0000 Click to read on the Colorado Springs Independent ]]> 0 Research Report on You Wed, 10 Feb 2016 01:29:27 +0000
Mr. Weinstein, greetings.
My bible study Womens Group was asked by our Pastor to prepare a oral report on you and your anti-Christian MRRF and we did a lot of research.
No surprise to find out that you are a communist and an atheist and that you are a soulless jew. That last thing always seems to go with the first two doesn’t it.
Also found out that you have been attacking innocent Christians for years now in the armed services. Now like that poor Marine Col. on Hawaii.
All because your precious children supposedly got mistreated at the air force academy? You and your wife have raised a bunch of wimps. She’s a soulless jew too and a cripple. satan brought you two hate birds together and taught to breed more hate birds. satan made your wife a cripple and you a High leader of darkness. Can’t you see?
Come to find out that all that happened to your brood of kids is that some good folks at air force academy tried to respectful expose them to the love of the Gospel and to The Word of Christ.
To save them from eternal damnation for rejecting Jesus Christ as you have done. Like father like children. Stupid is as stupid does. You and your children and wife are so ungrateful to those who Walk in The Word.
And for showing such Christian grace and love their “jewish lawyer’ father goes postal forever on innocent Christians in the uniform services. You are a waste and a fool. America was built on Christian values and is a Christian nation with a Christian purpose to fulfill. You can’t fight Jesus Mr. Weinstein so give it up.
We will give our report on you tomorrow evening at our church. The Spirit of the Living Christ will be with us all as we do it. We will sing the Israel national anthem and the American national anthem too as we always do.
We will pray that you be given a final chance to come to the Lord before satan rewards you for your disservice to America. Your dishonor to the services. You make Jesus just weep.
If anyone ever deserved to burn in the lake of fire it is you Mr. Weinstein. Hell was made with commie soulless jews like you in mind. You are very Lost and so shameful.
Do not reply to this e-mail as your demonic attempts to attack us will not be allowed to received by the Children of The Lord..
(name withheld)

Dear Children of the Lord,

Urgent! Please let me know immediately how to reach your pastor!

He needs to be warned that there is someone in his congregation who is insane. This is a person or persons whose drunken ramblings (I assume drunken because they include such poor spelling and mangled syntax – of course it could be drugs) make little sense but manage nonetheless to constitute libelous and scandalous insults to Jesus Christ and Christian values. This person (or these people) is (are) so unhinged that unless he, she or they are immediately separated from the Church Chochkee it will lose all credibility in the community of the Spirit of the Living Christ.

I know this may sound like an overly dramatic plea, but please know your congregation is in serious danger of being tainted by the obvious sickness of this person who claims to be a woman in your church’s Women’s Group. Of course it’s hard to know If anything she or he says is verifiable since it’s clear she/he/they has or have been struck by the curse of the Tower of Babel and everyone with whom she, he or it comes in contact is in danger of being exposed as part of a cult of fanatics because of the ravings of the poor demented soul in your midst.

I hope the pastor of the Church Chochkee is capable of doing the necessary exorcism to rid she, he or it of the demons that are clearly possessing him, her or them.

I’m happy to be of assistance in the event he needs any help, because this may be the worst case of demonic possession I’ve ever seen. Normally demons manifest as powerful and intelligent, if nefarious, beings. This one is trying to trick us by appearing to be unutterably stupid.


Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


To the Women’s group,

You should be ashamed of your selves.  Nothing you have said shows the Love that Christ taught to His disciples and instructed them to pass on to others.  You sound like spiteful, rumormongering busy bodies.  The things you accused Mr. Weinstein of are all false and you had better look to your own souls before you call someone else “soulless”.  I would not call you sisters in Christ with the attitude you displayed in this letter.  I hope your pastor sees the evil you have spread and takes appropriate action.

May God have Mercy on you

(name withheld)












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DAILY GLOBE (Minnesota) – Not Obama’s job to advance his faith Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:34:56 +0000 Click to read at Daily Globe ]]> 9 MARINE CORPS TIMES – Religious sign at MCB Hawaii again under fire Mon, 08 Feb 2016 22:50:35 +0000 Click to read on Marine Corps Times ]]> 12 2/8/16 TOBANNA BARKER – MRFF Letter to Col. Sean C. Killeen, Commanding Officer, MCB Hawaii Mon, 08 Feb 2016 22:46:04 +0000 0 just like paul walker Sun, 07 Feb 2016 13:30:27 +0000 My husband and me are a navy family and he is in the navy. We will always serve our lord and savior Jesus Christ before anything else we do for the navy or this country. Jesus Christ is the navy and is our country anyway. Jesus Christ is everything and all things must bow to Him.

People with true souls hear His word and know this to be the Truth. Others will perish for not surrendering to the tender mercies of Jesus.

OK but not you mikey wienstein. You are the great evil of our age. The hunter of all those who follow Jesus and wear the proud uniform of the military. You like saul was. He too was a jew who hunted other jew. You hunt only the lovers of Christ. Mikey Mikey why do you persecute us? Acts 22:7

We hope and to pray you have a car crash and burns alive to death in the reck just like paul walker did. Nothing left of burnt smokie mikey to even bury.
You are the evil The Word warns us about. We will not fear you as Jesus protects His flock from steady hunting wolves like you.

(name withheld)


(name withheld), you poor thing. It’s hard to believe someone who claims to be a Christian could be so pathetically ignorant of Christ’s teachings. Your unfortunate message, complete with its sloppy syntax and ill-chosen, misspelled words, displays your lack of understanding of Mikey and the MRFF. Sadly, it says more about your own incomprehension and confusion than anything else. I wish you peace and comfort in a quiet place where you can take the time to consider yourself and how far you’ve strayed from the Truth you claim to represent.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)





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Debunking the Separation of Church and State Myth Inbox x Sat, 06 Feb 2016 18:09:43 +0000 Mike,


I encourage you to read this and fully understand that there is no separation of church and state! You have been lied to for years!


(name withheld)



Hi (name withheld)-

I appreciate your earnestness in sharing what you believe to be compelling information on this topic. But with respect, you give Matt Barber and the Black Robe Regiment way too much credit. Neither can rightly be considered remotely objective on this issue. Even aside from that, Barber’s assessment is flawed. At a bare minimum, his appeal to Scripture for justification of his position about the meaning and intent of the US Constitution is a fallacious argument….and the single Jefferson quote that he does reference doesn’t actually prove his case in the manner he claims.
But feel free to put all of your trust in partisan sources that reassure and reinforce your already-entrenched predelictions.
As for me, I will rely upon two things. First, the world-class education, as a Political Science major and student of American history, which I received at the USAF Academy. Second, the broad base of reading and study which I have done in the subsequent years which draw from a variety of sources, and not just those that say what I want to hear.
The truth, whether you will admit it or not, is that you do desire a state religion.  You want US civil laws, and all actions by the US government (including the US military and US diplomatic efforts), to be explicitly founded upon your particular interpretation of Christian beliefs and desired outcomes.
Just be honest about that, Bob — it’s okay, you won’t be saying anything that we both don’t already know. For you to deny that reality will always result in a major obstacle in our dialogue.





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Hate mail gets legal response from MRFF’s Attorneys Fri, 05 Feb 2016 22:57:57 +0000 MRFF’s Attorneys respond to bigoted and vile anti-Semitic emails and misuse of MRFF imagery in hate mails sent by “R H,” so-called president and founder of fictitious “Anti-Commie & Socialist Foundation”

Nuance Communications, Inc.

Original harassing emails:

2/4/16 “MRFF Need Help!” (vile email and graphics)

2/5/16 MRFF New Ideas in the Making (Modern Art for a Modern World)!


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