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-OK this note of thanks you is for all Marines everywhere so they can know what to do when it happens to them. Because it will even though I never thought it would to me and my friends.


wanted to thank you and the MRFF active duty rep. (USMC officer’s name and rank withheld) here at (USMC base name withheld) for helping me and another dozen Marines when we were all forced to confront an unacceptable religious matter earlier this month from our commander (USMC officer’s name, rank and title/MOS withheld).

What happened is that our commander who always mentions that he’s “a Christian” (USMC officer’s name and rank withheld) announced in front of our whole (USMC unit name withheld) on  _ July 15 (full date withheld) that he would be convening a  “twice weekly Marines bible study” for those of our (USMC unit name withheld) “interested in sharing fellowship”. He told us it was to “promote unit togetherness” or something like. He also said it was “optional”. Yeah right. A lot of us were shocked by this. Others thought it was great. There was arguing for a few days after it happened. Even the spouses got into it. No “togetherness”.

 Let me just say up front that I am not what you would call a very religious but my dog tags say Christian. The others MRFF helped here are mostly Christians. 2 nonbelievers and one Muslim Marine.

 Wanted to thank you for advising us what to do. My fellow Marines (names and ranks withheld) and me went to talk about how upset we all were with (senior USMC NCO’s name, rank and title/MOS withheld) who always told us we can always go to him with problems. He is the one who told us about the MRFF. He know our commander very well. He said if we confronted our commander it would not sit well at all. He emphasized the “at all”. He himself even did not want to do it. And he is a (number withheld) times (USMC combat award and citation name withheld) winner and is looked up to by many. He gave us the MRFF contact info. Told us its the best way.

So next we called Mr. Weinstein and got him on the phone first try. He right away got us in touch with the MRFF rep. here at (USMC base name withheld). Together they contacted the (USMC rank and title/MOS withheld) who is 2 levels above our commander and explained all of this messed up stuff about our commanders “Marines bible study”.

 It was the next day after that that (USMC officer’s name and rank withheld) called a (USMC unit name withheld) meeting and sort of kind of apologized about this. His face was red and he told us that we should have come to him or our (USMC subordinate unit name withheld) leaders about this first. Yeah right. BS! We felt that he was trying to shift the blame from him to us. It was clear that he got his ass chewed. And he deserved it. We are not his commander. He is our commander and not visa versa.. How else are we supposed to teach him a lesson about all of this religion stuff he constantly says to us like its official and all? Without him getting back at us?

He said that the bible study which started this fight was cancelled and that religious stuff for our (USMC unit name withheld) would be handled by the Navy chaplains here at (USMC base name withheld). Afterwards some of our fellow Marines said they were going to start their own bible studies. We told them to peace out. And that that was all good unless they did the same thing as our commander did with those Marines under them. There is still anger in our unit about this and its effected morale but it needed to be done. No regrets for standing up to him.

Anyways thank you to all of you at the MRFF and especially to Mr. Weinstein and (USMC/MRFF representative’s/officer’s name and rank withheld) for all they did to help us out from this messed up stuff from our commander. There would have been no way we would have gotten this fixed without you guys. Your awesome! We’ll call the MRFF again if and when.

Semper Fi

(Active duty USMC Jr. NCOs name, rank, title/MOS, unit and base all withheld)

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7/29/15 CHRIS RODDA’s OP-ED – No, U.S. Air Force, There Is No Separation Between Standup Comedy and State Wed, 29 Jul 2015 18:06:22 +0000 Last week, the Department of Defense Inspector General (DoD IG) released a report of its investigation “into the compliance by the Armed Forces with the elements of such regulations on adverse personnel actions, discrimination, or denials of promotion, schooling, training, or assignment for members of the Armed Forces based on conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs.” Yeah, that’s a mouthful… [read more]

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Disgrace to America Wed, 29 Jul 2015 11:46:59 +0000 Mikey Wienstien you are worst than iSIS and should be expelled to be with them in Syria and iran, They all probably love you there cause of how you stop the Gospel of the Son of God from being with the soldiers.
As a jew you should thank the Gospel for allowing you to be part of this Christ Blessed nation. USA Christians fight the wars to allow jews and arabs to live here as guests in peace.
Show some respect. Leave Canon AFB alone to worship Jesus Christ.
Instead you insult Jesus by stopping His Word at the AFB and in the other services.
You and youre fake Mrff are a disgrace to America and your family is too.
Shame on you and this MRff.

(name withheld)


Dear unsigned hypocrite,

Your pathetic mewling hardly deserves a response, but on the off-chance yours isn’t a fake address and you actually get this message, let me offer some enlightenment.

Mikey Weinstein is a patriot who served his country, served President Reagan and honors the U.S. Constitution.

He abhors the intolerance and brutality of ISIS and is sickened by their anti-human behavior, just as he condemns the acts and attitudes of many others who behave as though their religious belief allows them to condemn, ridicule and persecute those whose belief system is different from their own.

Because he has an open mind he has no objection to your believing ours is a “Christ Blessed nation” as long as you don’t insist your view on others.

I suspect he finds your view that “USA Christians fight the wars to allow jews (sic) and arabs (sic) to live here as guests in peace” as stupid as I do, but again he understands that some people indulge themselves in the mental poverty of bigotry, usually the handmaiden of willful ignorance, and pities them.

Mikey’s life is dedicated to showing respect for human dignity and honoring the right of people to believe as they choose, but he draws the line when people like you insist their own belief to be superior to all else and the one only acceptable. His particular brief is protecting the freedom of belief of the women and men in the military and he will not stand silent when those in authority at Cannon Air Force Base violate both the law and Air Force regulations regarding the propagation of one faith over others.

The only one insulting Jesus in this exchange is you, as you arrogate to yourself the right to pretend that your inane attack arises from anything he has taught, would stand for or agree with.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Dear  (name withheld) (if that really is your name, which I doubt), 

Mikey sent me a copy of your e-mail and I’m taking a moment to respond.


First, your not quite GED level grammar & spelling will likely qualify your message for inclusion in Bonnie Weinstein’s next collection of ‘To the Far Right Christian Hater…You Can Be a Good Speller or a Hater, But You Can’t Be Both…”.   You really should consider higher education… 7th, maybe even 8th grade.


Second, do you realize that your emetic (that means vomitous, just so you understand) eruption of vile Christian supremacist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic hate merely serves to reinforce the need for people like Mikey to prevent people like you from gaining access to weapons more powerful than you can purchase at your local gun store (although your mental issues should also disqualify you from that too).


Your warped view of American history would be more appropriately placed in the context of the 3rd Reich not America.  Agan,, the recommendation to seek ‘higher’ education is reiterated (that means repeated).


But, please understand that, despite your intolerance & bigotry, Mikey would also support your right to make the compete idiot of yourself that you have done so long as it’s not in the context of military service.


So, with those thoughts, on which I’ve spent far more time than you’re worth,

kindly fuck off!




I counted no less than 8 grammatical errors in that short, uncontrollable tirade. Calling him/her an uneducated, fuckin’ moron would be overly kind.

(name withheld)

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FEATURED INBOX POST – Cannon AFB NCO Tue, 28 Jul 2015 17:18:34 +0000 Two things that really chap my hide. One, the blatantly Christian prayers (invocations) before every event on base. Two, the fact that I’m expected to speak to these people (the chaplaincy) whenever the going gets tough? No thanks. I have no interest in speaking with someone with an advanced degree in fairy tales. Get me a humanist or atheist chaplain then we’ll talk. 

You know who else we’re encouraged to speak with when we need help? Our First Sergeant. And guess what, MSgt Marvin Jimerson, from the dailykos article, was just named the First Sergeant of the Year for the Air Force. MSgt Lucas is also a First Sergeant at Cannon AFB. Read the Air Force First Sergeant’s creed and let that soak in for a minute. The struggle is real.

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7/28/15 MRFF Music Compilation: Celebrating the fight for church-state separation in the U.S. Armed Forces! Tue, 28 Jul 2015 16:53:17 +0000 0 STARS AND STRIPES – Cannon Air Force Base officials deny accusations of promoting religion Mon, 27 Jul 2015 17:24:17 +0000 Click to read on Stars and Stripes ]]> 0 Apology From Our Company Commander Thu, 23 Jul 2015 23:17:12 +0000  

MRFF and Attorney Mikey Weinstein,

Last Friday 26 June 15 our Company Commander started yet another official meeting off with having all of us on his staff bow our heads in prayer ending with “in the name of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ”. Many of us on staff were angered by this.

After talking to Mikey last month about this I followed his advice and asked to speak to (Company Commander’s name and rank withheld) via his “open door policy.” I respectfully told him that what he was doing was not only offensive to many on his staff but also wrong. And I cited the provisions Mikey told me to cite. (Company Commander’s name and rank withheld) told me that he was very offended that I was offended by “a simple prayer acknowledging the Son of the Creator of the universe”. He got even madder at me and I wasn’t sure how to respond after he dismissed me from his office.

I called Mikey and Mikey called (Company Commander’s name and rank withheld)’s own commander. Mikey told me that he spoke to him for about 6 minutes registering my and my battle buddies complaints.

Today we had another official meeting called by (Company Commander’s name and rank withheld) and he apologized to me and the whole staff for requiring us to participate in the Christian prayers at his staff meetings. He said it won’t ever happen again. It is clear that he had been taken to task based on the call Mikey had with his own Commander.

And in case anyone wants to know I am a Methodist myself but I know wrong when I see it.

MRFF thank you for helping me and all of us in (Army combat unit designation withheld). If anything more happens out of all of this we know who to call.

(Active Duty U.S. Army NCO’s name, rank, MOS, combat unit and installation withheld)

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7/23/15 MIKEY’s OP-ED – Air Force leaders hammer helpless subordinates with Evangelical “Gospel Explosion” Thu, 23 Jul 2015 20:12:56 +0000 Ho hum, just another fundamentalist “Jesus Freak” day of joy in the U.S. Air Force, spewing out another major illicit act of despicable denigration towards the Constitution of the United States. This latest anti-Constitutional outrage comes to us from Cannon Air Force Base (AFB), host to the USAF’s 27th Special Operations Wing (SOW), which lies on the outskirts of Clovis in my home state of New Mexico near the border with west Texas. Hold on to your seats, folks, because this situation is “explosive” in the figurative sense of cluster bombs peppering the landscape – where you discover one, you can be sure that dozens (possibly hundreds) of others lie in close range. As far as the combustible mix of unlawful fundamentalist Christian proselytizing and secular military duty is concerned, the USAF is an absolute and abominable minefield – and this latest so-called “Gospel Explosion” at Cannon AFB is a putrid, and sadly typical, example of command leadership streaking haphazardly right through that minefield.

Please permit me to explain. It won’t take long…

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FEATURED INBOX POST – Thanks Tue, 21 Jul 2015 21:45:31 +0000
Just wanted to say thanks to Mr. Weinstein at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  He acted immediately on the concerns I had raised by a command sponsored gospel event on base.  His quick actions in contacting wing leadership helped highlight the seriousness of what had taken place and helped ensure it would not happen again.  It means a lot to know people like Mr Weinstein have your back when confronted by issues such as these, you know you don’t have to go it alone.

Best Regards,  (Active Duty USAF Officer’s, name, rank, AFSC, military unit and military installation all withheld)
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FREE THOUGHT BLOGS – Mikey Gets Email Mon, 20 Jul 2015 19:59:10 +0000 Click to read on Free Thought Blogs

Mikey Gets Email

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