Service dog belonging to MRFF's
only publicly-revealed client at the
US Air Force Academy is poisoned

We at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation want to make the following statement abundantly clear:

We consider this cowardly attack on our client,
Dr. David Mullin, to be a direct attack on MRFF -
and will be reacting to this vicious action accordingly.

Please see the article below, as well as emails from
MRFF's client providing additional details.


Dog poisoned,
Academy investigates

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Air Force Academy security forces are investigating the poisoning of professor David Mullin's service dog, Caleb, while he was teaching at the academy and the dog was waiting in his office last week. Mullin took the dog to an animal emergency center where blood and other tests showed he had been poisoned with rat poison or a prescription drug used to thin blood.

  • What makes this case suspicious is Mullin has been an outspoken critic of the academy's handling of religion issues. He testified in a federal court case in February that sought to block an evangelical ex-Marine from speaking during National Prayer Day. While others were reluctant to step forward, Mullin also made a statement to a team led by retired Air Force Gen. Patrick Gamble, who looked into the religious climate at the academy recently

  • Caleb and his chum, Casper, are hardly ever out of Mullin's sight while at home, but while at the academy teaching, Mullin at times leaves Caleb in his office. Caleb is trained to provide support to Mullin, who has balance problems and dizzy spells.

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Additional information from
MRFF's client, Dr. David Mullin

From: David Mullin
Date: April 27, 2011
To: Mikey Weinstein


I would like to add a few point to the Colorado Springs Independent article by Pam Zubeck about the poisoning of my service dog Caleb, a nearly two-year old black Labrador retriever.

1. We thoroughly checked all possible areas of my house to see if Caleb had access to substances that caused his internal bleeding. There was no chance of that happening.

2. Caleb and my other black Labrador retriever, Casper, have very brief access to a dog run, which they use for no more than three minutes at a time. Yes, it is possible that someone put poisoned bait there. But it is very unlikely that that happened. I clean and inspect the surface of the dog run at least three times every day. I found no suspicious items in the run at any time when Caleb could have ingested the poison. Casper has been in excellent health during the time that Caleb has gotten sick. And I am unaware of any other dogs being poisoned at houses nearby.

3. Given the foregoing, the most probable time that Caleb was intentionally poisoned coincided with periods that I left him in my United States Air Force (USAFA) office. During that time, my office door had a lock that was the same as every other door in my USAFA faculty office block. Therefore, more than a dozen other USAFA faculty and staff had a key that opened my door. These locks have been unchanged since the office block was refurbished nine years ago.

4. The register for signing out office keys in my department was inaccurate. I had my lock changed on Monday, 18 April. When I turned in my old key, the key number did not match the record in the register.

5. I am a devout evangelical Christian and am also the only openly "public" USAFA client of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) out of over 250 MRFF clients here at the Academy. I was a co-plaintiff with MRFF in the U.S. District Court Hearing, Mullin et al versus Gould (the current Superintendent of USAFA and a Lt. General who has made no secret of his significant dislike of and animosity towards MRFF, its clients, and its Founder and President, Mikey Weinstein), in February 2011. Since then Mr. Weinstein, his family and MRFF itself have received numerous threats of violence and death.

6. I am also a complainant and key witness to a Secretary of the Air Force – Inspector General investigation that involves several senior USAFA individuals (and includes serious allegations of unconstitutional religious intolerance) who have a motive of retaliation against me.

7. In my lengthy written statement to the USAFA Security Forces allegedly investigating the poisoning of my service dog Caleb, I volunteered to take a USAFA-administered polygraph test as clear evidence to verify the totality of my statement.

David Mullin

Date: April 27, 2011
To: Gould, Mike C Lt Gen USAF USAFA USAFA/CC

Weinstein, Mikey
Schwartz, Norton A Gen MIL USAF AF/CC
Donley, Michael Honorable USAF SAF/OS
Ginsberg, Daniel Honorable USAF SAF/MR
Pam Zubeck (Colorado Springs Independent reporter)
Dan Elliot (Associated Press reporter)

Subject: My Dog Caleb is Slowly Recovering


My service dog, Caleb, is slowly recovering. He was administered, I believe deliberately, a blood thinner. On Saturday, 24 April, he almost died. But through the great efforts of Dr. Kara McArdle of the Veterinary Specialty Centers in Colorado Springs he would have certainly died. Caleb required three blood transfusions. I am most thankful for the support of my wife, (name withheld), and my children, (names withheld). And Phyllis Elb, a dear friend, has provided indispensible help.

Given his restricted movements, I believe that he was most likely poisoned in my Fairchild Hall office while I was away. On 25 April, I notified USAFA Security. I then made a 10 page statement and updated it today, 27 April. The Case Number is I20110400217.

Please look at this article in the Colorado Springs Independent: While the author, Pam Zubeck, mentions that I talked to the Gamble Group about religious discrimination at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), I am also the only publicly-known client at USAFA of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). The founder of MRFF, Mikey Weinstein, has received many death threats.

For your information, Caleb’s primary owner is Guide Dogs for the Blind. They have been notified, and they are outraged by this event.

David Mullin
Associate Professor of Economics

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Military Religious Freedom Foundation, nor has expressed endorsement thereof.

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