May 2nd, 2008

A Statement by Mikey Weinstein,
President and Founder of the
Military Religious Freedom Foundation,
on the Promotion of General Caslen

"Today, the U. S. Army has completed a tragic 'trifecta of travesty' with Brigadier General Robert Caslen, infamous star of the 2006 "Christian Embassy" video scandal at the Pentagon. Despite being specifically singled out for wrongdoing by the DoD Inspector General in a 2007 investigation (initiated soley by the public demands of the Military Relgious Freedom Foundation, MRFF) which advised that 'corrective action' be taken against him, the Army (1) assigned him to become the prestigious 70h Commandant of Cadets at West Point; (2) very quietly promoted him to Major General and, (3) and now assigns him to the even more prestigious Command of the storied 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii.

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"More shockingly, imagine if the U.S. Army had put a dangerous extremist like Islamic fundamentalist Muqtada Al Sadr and his mahdi fighters in control of the 25th Infantry Division? Well, the Army has done exactly that! Astonishingly, all the while, Caslen has retained his position as the President of a virulently fundamentalist Christian organization devoted to gaining unconstitutional control of the U.S. armed forces called the Officers Christian Fellowship (OCF) which has among its firmly established goals to create a 'spiritually transformed U.S. military' with 'Ambassadors for Christ in uniform', 'empowered by the Holy Spirit'.

"The OCF's asserted purpose is to have 'Christian officers exercise biblical leadership to raise up a godly army'. One of its official study guides further refines these goals as to 'not allow the opposition, all of which is spearheaded by Satan, to prevent us from reclaiming territory for Christ in the military.' Simply replace the fundamentalist Christian rhetoric of the foregoing with the fundamentalist Islamic rhetoric and you'll get the reason that MRFF will absolutely include this brazenly unconstitutional Caslen injustice in its current Federal litigation against DoD in Kansas City, Kansas."

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