November 18, 2008

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November 20, 2008

ALBUQUERQUE – New York City-based Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ) will present the Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer Risk-Taker Award to military religious freedom activist Mikey Weinstien on November 20, 2008.

“I’m honored JFREJ has recognized my constitutional political activism, generally, and my commitment to the Jewish community, specifically” said Mikey Weinstein, president and founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF; “I’m fortunate that MRFF and JFREJ are at the forefront to combat racial civil rights intolerance.”

MRFF, which just recorded its 10,000th active duty military client, is a nonprofit charity dedicated to the protection of thousands of U.S. military personnel from unconstitutional religious practices forced on them by military superiors against their will. Weinstein and MRFF have recently filed suit on behalf of soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who have been victims of religious intolerance and have had their constitutional rights violated.

Weinstein is an honor graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and a former USAF Judge Advocate General. He was Assistant General Counsel in the Reagan White House and served as General Counsel to Texas billionaire and two-time Presidential candidate H. Ross Perot and Persot Systems Corporation. Weinstein is the co-author of “With God on Our Side: One Man’s War Against an Evangelical Coup in America’s Military”(St. Martins Press, 2006). He and his family have been most recently featured in “Constantine’s Sword,” a documentary outlining the historical interaction between the Jewish and Christian faiths, directed by Oscar nominee Oren Jacoby.

The twelfth annual Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer Risk-Taker Award ceremony will take place at 7:00 p.m. at the Congregation B’nai Jeshurun located at 257 West 88th Street, New York, NY. The theme of this year’s ceremony is “Reclaiming Freedoms.”

JFREJ is a renowned social justice organization committed to engaging Jews to pursue racial and economic justice with the support of people of color, low-income communities, and immigrant communities in New York City.

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