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January 21, 2009


During the Viet Nam War, I was a young man, enlisted in the US Air Force. I worked 12 hrs. On duty and 12 Hrs. off, for over three years, seven days a week. I could hardly sleep for all the noise. I sweat my butt off for this country and the freedoms you enjoy. As I remember, I always had the freedom to attend chapel or not to attend. I never had pressure from anybody to do any particular thing against my wishes. I did however have a lot of peer pressure to go to the NCO Club, to watch skin flicks, to use words of profanity that I had never even heard before. Also to cheat and pencil whip important Gov. Paper work. There was always plenty of play boy mags. laying around. There was plenty of temptatious garbage to deal with. I doubt it has changed in any branch of our military. As I have watched and listened to the comments on

Do you realize that since the VNW this country has gone down hill morally at a higher rate of speed than ever? Do you care that there are more homeless people, do you care that there are more illegitimate, faceless-fatherless children than ever? I could go on a long time, but why? You people are only concerned about what ever petty religious freedoms you think you don’t have.

As I watched the video of Capt. Charles Popov and the ones about the missionaries, you complain about, I could only say, Thank you God for the few men who will stand up for You and Your Word!!! [BIBLE] “BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING EARTH". CONSIDERED BY MOST TO BE THE INERRANT WORD OF GOD. THE VERY SAME WORD THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON..

Captain Popov after working his way thru a Masters Degree, while raising a family, buying a home, got back into the best shape of his life at the age of 42, reentered the Army, graduated at the Top of his class, even with young recruits right out of college. He has sacrificed time with his family, his grand children and just life at home as we all know it. He is a Father to the father-less and a mentor to the broken hearted. He has touched more lives in a loving way than any of you could ever hope to. He has served two tours of duty in Iraq, Extended tours I might add! He fully deserves this new position.
For the likes of you people to even think about discrediting him MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE AND RUB YOUR FACES IN IT. But that would make me low as any of you!!!!

[name withheld]

MRFF supporters respond:

January 21, 2009

Dear [withheld],

Perhaps Mikey Weinstein will permit to respond on behalf of all of us who are associated with MRFF. Keep in mind, most are associated, because people like you believe that if we don't allow people like Capt. Charles Popov to guide us, we must deserve every degree of manupulative hatred you and he would thrust on us, from taking point without body armor to picking pubic hairs off the latrines for a month. These are not exaggerations.

In fact, my chain of command knowingly and deliberately forced me in the high suicide risk category and then stood back to watch. Obviously, I disappointed them. I'm still here. All they did was kill my career, any chance of me being able to pay back my student loans with honest work, and almost any chance to be a productive part of society, all because I respect but do not share their extreme right wing Christian views.

Incidently, to reach that career, I worked the equivalent of three full time jobs simultaneously for over 9 years straight. Naturally, I worked up to that, doing the equivalent of two full time jobs for several years leading up to that, after working my way through college. No, the military did not pay one red cent toward my education. I just signed up for President Bush to be my Commander in Chief because, after voting for him, I decided to do even more to "put my money where my mouth is."

How sad that his influence, coming right through the Pentagon, led to the destruction of my career. I guess they don't mind, since they didn't pay for it with their blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention all their safe child-bearing years.

Seems to me that if you were in the military, now, you'd wind up "crying Uncle" pretty fast. Oh, at first, you'd think yourself a "good Christian", following the lead of your chain of command, but after awhile, you'd want to back off, and you'd be ordered to continue. Like others who've turned to MRFF, you'd be ordered to attend religious services that somehow just don't quite feel right to you. You could twist your thoughts, like a captive with Stockholm syndrome, to wrap your mind around it all, putting some sort of spin on it. In other words, you could choose to lie to yourself, to survive the experience until your service was over. I expect you might even be able to do that, to a point. But, then, your strong spirit and willful sense of right and wrong, the same ethics and morals that protected you from smut and profanity before, would try to protect you from wrongful manipulation, again, even if it did come wrapped in a Christian label.

You see, all things labeled Christian are not necessarily so. Would you consider the Inquisition to be something Jesus would have done? No? Jesus would not have tortured anyone, much less forced them to convert, but merely have loved them and invited them to join him? Good, then, you are beginning to understand.

So, now, ask yourself: What WOULD Jesus do? Would he want you to behave vilely to those who honor him best by turning away from abusers of his name, or would he want you to show patience, kindness, respect, and to lead by quiet, good example?

May your heart turn from stone to peace,


January 21, 2009

Dear [withheld],

Since you were in the military many years ago you likely couldn't recognize the degree of pressure exerted by many of the command staff in today's military to not only conform to "the evangelical message", but to conform at a high level of intensity. Currently, one's "Christian behavior" in many cases is a primary determinant of one's promotability . . . Hopefully, the Dominionist Christians who have so successfully infiltrated into the military's command structure give waivers to those few Jews and other non-Christians when they become time in grade qualified for promotion. [withheld], you say that this is precisely what is needed. However, if you are familiar with words from the U.S. Constitution and various Supreme Court decisions you would likely acknowledge that the widespread employment of "the religious test" by much of the present military command is unconstitutional.

I thought the 1960s was the low point morally in this country -- at least that was the message for years and years by various Christian preachers. Are you talking about a fall out from that moral low point? You need to investigate why the mainline Protestant denominations have lost followers to the network of almost underground Evangelical Dominionists, who advocate that the U.S. become a Theocracy, which in their case would be "Rule by Evangelical Dominionists" -- such a rule would use Nazi and Communist-style morality checks (and informants) on all citizens in order to ensure their conformance with Dominionist theory.


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