ABC NEWS – Mikey debates on ‘Jesus Rifles’

Jesus Rifle Skype Gripes

Mikey Weinstein & Ret. Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis debate ‘Jesus Rifles’ via Skype.

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Are ‘Jesus Rifles’ the Same as Proselytizing?

The U.S. military uses gun scopes inscribed with Bible codes in Afghanistan.

The following video is the original ABC News Nightline clip that started the worldwide tornado of major media coverage in January.

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  1. hal tribble

    Great interview, Mikey. You made your points and conducted yourself very well. In the future, though, put your dog in another room. It’s cute but distracting.

  2. Ken Barr

    His whole argument is that removing the illegal inscriptions is “inconvenient” to the mission. He doesn’t get, or doesn’t want to get, that these inscriptions create a great deal of harm in the AO. It seems to me that he is someone who believes that ends justify any means. I served under officers exactly like him while in Army Intelligence, which one of the reasons why I, an Arabic Linguist (98G) left the service in 1989.

  3. Angi Stamm

    I actually never heard of this organization until I read the article on Fox regarding Pasture Graham’s attendance at the National Day of Prayer at the Petnagon, so I had to check out your website. Anyhow, it looks like most of the religious freedom that you protect is not Christian. Yes, you don’t like the Pasture remarks, but you also object to the relationship with the National Day of Prayer Task Force because it is based in Christianity. Many of your partner organizations listed on the website are in reality social justice progressives. I wouldn’t think it’s far reaching to conclude that Mr. Weinstein has a chip on his shoulder regarding Christianity, not to mention it’s major influence in the constitution and our founding documunets. Just curious, what is your religion and what do you believe about Jesus Christ?

  4. Jeff Long

    Some great victories, Mikey.

    It’s not hard to tell whose side you are on in all of this. Your little PJ operation appears to be a knockout of the other large atheist organizations that plague our land today. Somehow you liberal Jews always think that by tearing down Christianity it will give you all a “leg up”.

    But, not so, pal! You lose us and our culture and and all of your people will suffer one day at the hands of every Jew hater in the world today who longs to get hold of you.

    Just a friendly warning pal from an ex-SF officer who in six decades has seen more horrific things happen to unsuspecting smart alecks like you than I hate to recall.

  5. Orin

    The problem with this argument is two fold. One, these are commercial products that were purchased as is by the military and the company offered free kits to remove the verses. This does not violate anything in the Constitution, I would challenge this organization to show what part of the Constitution is being violate specifically. Second, even if the scope had the words John 8:12 on it, proselytizing would require that a muslim have access to the Bible and read it. By definition of Islamic law that would be a crime to Sharia and is thus not possible for a believeing Muslim to accomplish and is therefore not a form of proselytizing.

    All I have heard is standard anti-Christian rhetoric trying to push a misinterpretation of a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists Association affirming to them that the Amendments being written would not establish a federal religion (doctrine).

    This group would recommend the destruction of body armor if they found out that a cross was hidden in the armor plates, even at the cost of the effectiveness of our military. This is sad, and disgusting that so many, supposed intellectuals would follow an uneducated line of false reasoning to come to the wrong conclusion about this country and our founding fathers.

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