“The Covert Kingdom – Thy Will be Done, On Earth as It is in Texas”

Click here to read this article: The Covert Kingdom – By Joe Bageant

A message from MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein:

Although it’s now 6 years old, this is one of the VERY BEST short pieces I’ve EVER seen written about the ticking nuke timebomb in the USA, and it does not even mention the military. However, one need NOT imagine the horrifying impact there, as MRFF faces it every HOUR of every DAY!!

Now, half a dozen years later, it’s only gotten exponentially worse!!

Please consider taking a handful of precious minutes to read it!! I beseech you to do so.

Thank you,

Mikey Weinstein
President and Founder, MRFF

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1 Comment

  1. Allen Davies

    More tripe. Burn witches and hang Negroes as devil worshippers. God! look at Detroit the soul of the USA for a long time that did not care to check out the future which has now cheked out of the world and is a desolate landscape of what was and what might have been.

    You cannot kick Muslim ass or any other ass because Republicans like the Rumsfelds, Cheney’s and Bushes enjoy the fruits of their evil whilst you remain their foot soldiers and slaves in the name of a God you do not understand.

    It is also Chinese ass you ought to kick. They finance Pakistan and the Arab states with technology and logistics to hit us like they did the USS Cole.

    No one wants to believe that China has been protecting Osama Bin Laden from our reach as the quid pro quo for the Islamic world not supporting 50 million Cinese Muslims in Uyigur or Sinjiang province. There is a small sliver of land between Indian Pakistan and China which is under Chinese rule where he is most often hole dup in. We aare too embarassed to identify it and kick China’s ass.

    A brave nation would not go after a rag tag bunch like the Taleban then loose to them. We have to rebuild and go after China our real eenemy. Today they have the capacity to demolish us economically and they are doing a great job of that. Australia our ally is selling them the minerals and metals they require to fnish us off.

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