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MRFF Stops Military Officer/Fundamentalist Christian Religious Predator’s Public Internet Attacks on Enlisted Subordinates

Published On: February 23, 2011|Categories: News|3 Comments|

The vast majority of MRFF’s thousands of victories over unconstitutional religious oppression and tyranny in the U.S. armed forces never makes it to local, regional or national media exposure. Why? There are two reasons. First, because the overwhelming majority of MRFF clients often do not want their names and related identifiers to be released for all to see. Secondly, the senior military leadership “Powers That Be,” both at the Pentagon and at U.S. military installations around the world, often work in close concert with MRFF staff after substantiated reports of intolerable and unconstitutional religious abuse are received from MRFF and even THEY don’t want to be publicly identified. Thus, a vast legion of incontrovertibly victorious MRFF casework occurs on a daily basis well hidden behind the scenes.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are certain times when we still want to share the essence, if not the specifics, of some special victories. One such triumph has just happened! MRFF is absolutely delighted to announce that another wonderful victory has just been secured in this manner with MRFF working carefully and closely with very senior DoD officials. At an undisclosed U.S. military base, a middle-ranking fundamentalist Christian officer with a well-substantiated history of pernicious and craven public internet attacks on defenseless, lower-ranking enlisted personnel from this religious predator’s own branch of service, as well as even sister service branches, has been DIRECTLY ORDERED by his/her chain of command to immediately and forever cease and desist. The technical term used to silence this fundamentalist Christian officer/abuser of lower ranking military personnel is a “No Contact Order”. This same religious bigot/officer has been forced to take down internet postings with which he/she had savaged these same otherwise helpless, enlisted MRFF client subordinates and their suffering families. The especially great news is that should this officer have ANY subsequent contact with these subordinate enlisted MRFF clients, he/she will be subject to immediate criminal trial by courts martial for violating Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, “Failure to Obey an Order or Regulation”.

MRFF fervently commends this fundamentalist Christian predator/officer’s military chain of command for taking this drastic action to thwart his/her abuse of MRFF’s subordinate enlisted clients. MRFF worked very closely with only the most senior Pentagon leadership to assist it in the facilitation of the “No Contact Order” described above to put an abrupt end to this wretched officer’s reign of false and misleading internet attacks upon junior ranking MRFF clients and their loved ones who were otherwise completely unable to defend themselves against a horrendously abusive military superior.

Another indisputable MRFF victory for deserving MRFF clients! Another military superior religious predator put out of the business of fundamentalist Christian persecution and affliction of the helpless. The universal credibility, absolute necessity and undeniable relevance of MRFF is never made more crystal clear than when MRFF works with very senior Pentagon brass to score such a profound victory for our clients against wicked religious prejudice and bigotry! Please, please help MRFF continue to achieve these big wins with your fully tax deductible donations to our civil rights cause!

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  1. Andy March 8, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    Are fundamentalist Christians really Christians at all? The First Commandment bans worship of idols. Seems to me that the fundamentalists have made an idol of their interpretation of the Bible. If that’s not an idol, what is?

  2. BB March 11, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    @Andy – Look up “no true scotsman” on wikipedia. Read until you understand. Knowledge is power.

  3. Daytrip April 3, 2011 at 10:39 am

    One does not have to search the Bible to see that this extremist group is as egregious as it gets. They must not be real Christians, whatever that is [my secular view], since the 10 Commandments seem not to appear anywhere in their philosophy. This unholy assault on those who are “different” from these twisted sociopaths must be stopped at almost all costs. This is similar to the process of a cancer “cell,” pun intended. A cell mutates into a malignant form and grows and spreads if nothing is done to stop it. A great metaphor if there ever was one. I heard “Mikey” on Don Bustani this morning (Sunday, April 3rd), and intend to get very involved in this movement. My “Christian” ex-sister in law 27 years ago began to poison the mind of my brother’s only child [Parental Alienation Syndrome]. She did such a good job, that my niece is so filled with [her mother’s] hate, we will never see her again, nor will we see her new baby. The triumphant photo of her mother with the new grandchild on Facebook says it all. “I won”!

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