Aired 6/10/11 – MRFF Exposes Deplorable Religious Persecution


Friday, June 10, 2011

MRFF Featured on
ABC News Nightline

Video length: 4 minutes, 49 seconds

Click here to read related ABC News article

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  1. Paul Smith

    Thank you for showing the rest of the United States this subvertive way of harrassing people. Talk about “Bullying!”. As a Veteran of the US Army, I am normally very proud of my service to this country, however, after view, hearing and researching alittle, this situation makes me sick!!! Here we, the US, are looking for allies in this war on terror (NOT WAR ON ISLAM!!). We have these young men willing to give the ultimate sacrifice not for another country, but for the United States of America. Then the US Army (fellow soldiers & chain of command), US Federal Government go and stab these potential great citizens not only in the back but also stright in thier faces.
    Disgusting what this great country has fallen to. We, the American People & Our Allies are in a War on Terror! not against a religion or belief. We are supposed to be better than that. Look at the begining of Our Country, fleeing religious persecution from another government. HHHEEELLLLLLOOOOOO people!!! Maybe because I want to see that the US is still the greatest country out there, but more frequently, I am exposed to more issues that are going on, that show that maybe we are not as Great as I (and many others) had believed.
    As a people, lets resolves this case as well as other similar, start treating our people, allies, friends with respect. Remember that we are not fighting a religion, but the misinterpretation of a belief. Let us not step into the quagmire of judging each other on how we believe instead of judging others on thier actions with the people around them. I believe as long as we do not purposely harm or belittle one another because we seek our own way to enlightenment/heaven/after-life..we can make our lives so much richer. Our differences can be our way to a safer & prosperous future here in the US.
    Come on people!! Let’s not let these types of actions be how the rest of the world sees the rest of us. We are better than this!! We must help these young men, to make things right and then we must ensure this doesn’t happen again, ever!!!!
    By the way, I pray everyday for our men & women in uniform and are serving our country both within the US and outside our borders. That includes these young men in this acticle.

  2. KMC

    Shades of the past — I grew up during the Cold War, the Eisenhower’s era, & our family was harassed for being of German from Russia heritage –for being not 1, but 2 enemies of the times.
    Yet more than half a century late, I found from his official Navy record, that my father was part of a hand-picked Naval crew that took FDR to the Yalta conference. He had never spoken of it, since he figured that his oath of loyalty and secrecy about this mission extended till the end of his life.
    These fine young gentleman seem to have similar traits of loyalty and patriotism, no matter how badly that people in this country treat them. We should be helping them.
    Naval Daughter, KMC

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