Jesus Speaks To evil Mickey

Dear MRFF:
I am proud wife of a Green Beret combat soldier who is true man of faith, a true Christian father to our children and a true warrior for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and USA. In our bible study on base we know of you and pray and talk of you Mickey and your evildoing with MFRR. We also know that Jesus speak to you to warn you to stop trying to take Chrisianity away from our military and our USA. USA is and was always a Christian nation meant to bring Jesus to all the world. We know and can see that Jesus does speak to you and will stand up to you and you supporters. Look at how miserable your life is now. We see you on the newspapers and tv. You will never defeat the Lord. Jesus wills it all. Your wife has multiple skluroses and will die a painful death all twisted up with pain and bent in agony because of you fighting against Jesus. Your daughter in laws Amber’s father has brave chosen Jesus over her because she has fallen out to the Evil One cause of you and whom you serve. Your sons and daughter Amanda will watch helpless as you waste away and slowly die in poverty all alone and forgotten and further disgrace than you have earned now due to you fighting Jesus. You will only save them and you if surrender to Lord and Savior Jesus who is the only way and truth and life as John 14:6. Mickey, you are so wicked evil as is your lying MFRR and your family and all those you try to get to join up to fight Jesus. Bit Jesus still loves you all. Why can’t you just see His Love and stop trying to destroy Christians in armed forces? If you can’t do it for you do it for your wife and children and USA.

(name and location withheld)

Mikey, I mean no disrespect to you in anyway when I say this-

It’s funny that it takes a Jewish man, who has a better understanding of the Christian faith than Christians, to stand up and fight for what true Christianity is. Who fights against the distorted interpretation of scripture by these false Christians whose endgame is domination of THIS world, contrary to the gospels. Who exemplifies the “love your neighbor as yourself” better than the Christianity preached on bases. Who understands “God so loved the world” which encompasses EVERYBODY. Who is trying to stop the proselytizing of the “unchurched” to make them “Warriors for Christ” because he knows that Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world.”

I’m proud to know you.


Amen, Joan! What these buffoons choose not to understand is that this “Jewish man who fights for Muslim religious rights” (as the Albuquerque cab driver said to me last year) fights for ALL religious rights. They believe they have the SOLE right to take over all our institutions and demand they be allowed to use them to press their (heretical?) version of Christianity. When you believe that America should have an embedded INEQUALITY favoring their faith and ONLY their faith, then they cannot see Mikey as a champion of justice. They don’t believe in justice and even less in equality.

We are starting from two very different views – one upholds the genuine American Exceptionalism that lies in the greatness of our Constitution. The other reverts to tribalism.

I know which side Mikey is on. We are there with him.


Elizabeth Sholes
Director of Public Policy
California Council of Churches/California Church IMPACT
4044 Pasadena Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821

How do I respond to this puke? The following in red is my response and I am seeing red! Can you send this to them? Or have they slinked back into the slime they crawled out of??

I rarely respond to the hate the flows freely from faux Christians who represent a despicable version of Christianity that would make Jesus Christ sick and as angry as he was when he cleared the Temple. Your vile ugliness and twisted hate directed at those of us who fight daily to preserve freedoms for ALL Americans regardless of their religious or non-religious beliefs reveals the under-belly of America’s worst side.

As a Board member at MRFF I will share this with you. I was baptized and raised Lutheran. My mother was “saved” and a devout follower of Christ and never was further than a few feet from her Bible which she read every single day. She, like you, was so indoctrinated by the scripture-twisted version of Christianity taught by false prophets that she sat in judgement of all that were not born again into the Pentecostal evangelical Dominionist version of Christian faith. She even accused me of being an Atheist because I was not born again and as such became the “wrong kind of Christian”. It did not matter to her (like you) that Jesus taught us to “not judge lest we be judged”, or that we are to be “known by our good deeds”, or that we are “to love our neighbor as we love ourselves”…and the list goes on and on.

Christ spoke to us through the New Testament in part to wipe from our minds the retributive and primitive teachings in the Old Testament. Your detailed visions of the suffering that you wish on others is beyond disturbing. It is sick.

My mother, the same one that I just described, suffered from MS (by the way, it is spelled “Multiple Sclerosis”). Yep! The same devout mother that would sit in judgement of others eventually died 3 years ago of MS. She lived with its degenerating effects for over 40 years. The same 40 years that she had been born again and a daily consumer of your version of Christianity.

So you take all your hate, all your ugliness, and get down on your knees and start praying. Pray HARD for forgiveness from the loving Christ who would never shun even you who twist His love into such hate…because that is your only path for salvation.

May God grant you peace and lead you to a path of kindness and humbleness,

Leah L Burton
Board of Directors
Military Religious Freedom Foundation

To the proud Christian wife…

I’m on the advisory board of the MRFF, which has no intention of taking Christianity away from anyone, be it you, your husband or the people of the U.S. who choose it as their belief system. If those in your Bible study group who pray and talk about us, about Mikey and the work of the MRFF, actually understood what we were doing, you would recognize that our Constitution allows everyone to have whatever belief he or she chooses – including no belief at all. It is because of that Constitutional safeguard for all beliefs that we insist that no particular religious or non-religious belief system be forced on the people of the U.S. and, in particular, be imposed on those in our military, which is, as I’m sure you understand, a part of our government.

I hope that helps clear up your obvious misunderstanding of the work of Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF.

Now please let me further say that as a man who was raised in a Catholic home, one I assume you will acknowledge as Christian, and who served in the U.S. Armed Forces as a volunteer, I am saddened to read what you’ve said here about ours being a “Christian nation meant to bring Jesus to all the world.” While this may be part of your belief, it is exactly the illogical, improper and anti-Constitutional premise that corrupts the military and creates fear and contempt for America in much of the world. It is also the kind of rigid and dogmatic belief that is directly contrary to the teachings of Jesus.

On that point, my impulse to respond to you arises from the ugliness and ignorance explicit in your message. The kind of bile and vitriol you spewed toward Mikey and his family arises not only from ignorance but also from the kind of self-righteousness and misguided sense of superiority that made Jesus weep. When next you kneel and pray to Him in whatever form you choose to do that, I hope you’ll have the courage and the insight to not only ask for his forgiveness, but also to ask for his help in developing a more enlightened and properly Christian perspective.

Mike Farrell
MRFF Advisory Board

Dear Misguided Person,

I saw your letter to MRFF and have spoken with Jesus at some length regarding it. He is not happy with you. He told me that it was you who was the evildoer by being so judgmental and prideful in your remarks. As you know, pride precedeth a fall and it appears that your fall into the arms of Satan is assured.

Jesus wanted me to remind you that America is not a Christian nation but rather a secular nation in which all religions may flourish but none dominate. You see Jesus, loves all people even if they are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist or some other religion. Even Mikey Weinstein.

I suppose if you hadn’t been so desperately blinded by your faith you might have seen that.

You are what is called a “Religious Sycophant.” A person so deeply affected by religion that you live it 24 hours a day. There is no room in your life for anyone except your version of God. Your relationship with your family is like living behind a curtain and seeing only their shadows. They are lost to you because you have erected a “Jesus Barrier” between you. They will always come in a distant second to Jesus.

Your belief in Jesus is not a loving belief but rather a deep seated fear of Him. You are attempting to purchase your ticket to heaven with the souls of your loved ones. They are but stepping stones to Paradise for you.

Jesus says that you have given up all human emotions and exist only for the end times. It is sad but true that you, like many others who are drowning in religion and clinging desperately to their schizophrenic life preservers, you continue to founder.

There is a great pathology to your existence, a sickness deeply rooted in fear and the conditioning you have received over the years in harmful man-made Christian doctrines and the horror that you put your family through. You have become a shell in which years of hate, fear, pride, lies, and mental disorder are stored.

Yes, Jesus thinks that a normal existence is no longer possible for you. He is convinced that you have fallen into the abyss of the walking dead and your humanity is unrecoverable.

By the way, the Jesus to whom I refer throughout this letter is Jesus Hernando Gonzales, my neighbor to whom I have shown your letter to MRFF. He is still scratching his head.

Richard Baker
MRFF Advisory Board
MRFF Supporter &
Chief Number Caller
St. Vincent’s Catholic Bingo Palace


You have given us all a voice, in our own way, to fight this extreme Christianity when there was nowhere else to do it that had any impact. Without you our voices would be lost in the wind. We are on the same page as you are and you’ve become the head of this family.

When one of us is hurt we close ranks and defend our loved ones. That’s what we did last night.

You don’t have to defend your emotions which are a normal part of our being. Though we cannot feel the depth of your emotions, we put ourselves in your place and became angry and full of disbelief that a person could treat another human being in this way. We rallied behind you and your family and came out swinging.

Know that you and your family are deeply loved by us and always will be there for you.

We’ve got your back!

MRFF Advisory Board

To the Green Beret Wife:

First of all I suggest some grammar and spelling lessons. With respect to your message, it is one of the most ignorant and hateful pieces of commentary I’ve read since joining MRFF. I don’t mind debating our differences in an intelligent, thoughtful exchange, but what you write is not only ignorant and hateful, but it is also a perverted distortion of the peaceful message of the Jesus I learned about in Catholic school. Furthermore, don’t you realize how oxymoronic it is to use the terminology “warrior for Jesus”?

Moreover, does it make you feel good to bear ill will toward Mikey’s brave and classy wife? Do you really think Jesus would approve of that? I notice more and more that the people who join your intolerant, uncompromising flavor of Christianity have a history of problems, especially with self-control be them domestic violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, etc., essentially you are ripe for recruitment into these odious and dangerous cults. I’m willing to bet the house that you live an unhappy life and compensate for it by degrading those who do not subscribe to your lifestyle of slavery.

I urge you to read some history, where you will notice that from ancient times to the present, a few have chosen to do atrocious things in the name of religion with the support of mindless masses, such as yourself.

Our country is built on an ideal, in which religiosity should not be a qualification to serve, whether it is civilian or military. Our present political discourse and the battles MRFF has fought suggest we still have a long way to go, but I know we’ll get there thanks to the effort of Mikey, Bonnie and others.

You epitomize pathos. I truly hope that one day you can find freedom and joy in your personal life.

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  1. watchtower

    Truly a sad day when religious zealots believe that a person’s sickness or failing health has anything to do with fighting against dominionist christianity. Too bad this spouse doesn’t understand what her green beret husband is fighting for…the Constitution of the United States and for a country which was never founded as a Christian Nation and never will be. Don’t they teach this in schools anymore, I know they do where I live and my kids know exactly what the Constitution says about religion and certainly about separation of church and state.

  2. AirGunner

    Using your husbands status as an operator, just so you can bash MRFF, Mr. Weinstein’s spouse, and their supporters is absurd and a very low blow. Additionally, if MRFF didn’t take measures to protect the identity of supporters and detractors, like yourself, you could have made and OPSEC violation. Most people in the SOF community don’t advertise that fact, delusional spouses with an axe to grind included. Over the course of my career, I have never heard Special Forces or spouses of Special Forces refer to themselves as “green berets.” The motto of Special Forces is “De Opresso Liber”, which means to Liberate the Oppressed. Mikey may not be Special Forces, but he and the MRFF is fighting hard to liberate the military from the clutches of militant, oppressive, dominionist christianity.

  3. Jude

    For the woman who wrote such ugly words concerning your wife, Bonnie and the physical implications of her struggle with MS, I must add to the writer a reminder of what her own Book states, by Jesus her Savior :
    ” whatsoever you do to the least of my brother, that, you have done onto me.”
    Thoughts, words and actions are all inclusive. When she sent out such a unloving thought to your wife and for the world to view, is now a reflection of how she views her Jesus.. In her lacking of compassion, wisdom and the clearly defined instruction from her own Book, represents an example of a follower who has lost her way. My best to you Mikey, and Bonnie..peace, Jude

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