Muslims C**

Dear Mikey,

When you get done swallowing the muslims cum and taking it in the ass from them like you did from your daddy let me know so we can teach you how to be an American

(name withheld)

Dear Sir,

I address you as “sir,” and I use the term loosely, because no woman would so debase herself as to write a screed like this one that spilled out of your apparently disturbed brain.

As a member of the advisory board of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, I see a lot of the swill that is heaped onto the very capable shoulders of Mr. Weinstein, and I think your message ranks right down there with the most vile of them. I assume that thrills you, as you apparently aspire to a level of self-degradation that will rival that of history’s dimmest and most quickly and completely forgotten. But before you complete your journey to utter insignificance, I, as an ex-Marine, would be most interested in knowing just what it is you believe you have to teach about “how to be an American.”

If your offer is meant to include those of us who support this work, I’ll be most happy to have you contact me. I can be reached through the MRFF.

Mike Farrell

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  1. Robert May

    Dear Sir,

    I believe that each serviceman or women has the right to choose what he does in his own religious beliefs. If one of the academies or any other command wants to have a Prayer Breakfast, they can get whatever speaker they choose. That’s their right.Who are you, or any other organization to tell them how they are to worship.

    As a combat vet with the Marine Cops, I take issue with any group who would dictate how I worship.

    I know when I was in combat, I didn’t pray to Lynden Johnson.

  2. Andrea

    you rock, Mr. Farrell and Mr. May. Even though I never was a Marine (brother was though and husband and father was in the Army, husband a combat engineer/sapper), I would also like to offer this individual the chance to show me how to be a an American. I am sure I would have nothing to learn and could teach this foul mouthed coward quite a bit.

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