ALTERNET – CHRIS RODDA – The Lies You’ll Probably Be Hearing About MRFF and the Military Bibles

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Last week, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) found out that all four branches of the military have now revoked permission from Holman Bible Publishers, a subsidiary of LifeWay, the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, to use the official U.S. armed forces branch emblems on their military Bibles.
  • As expected, MRFF is being grossly and deliberately misrepresented as an atheist organization whose aim is to rid the military of all Bibles and all religion. This is ridiculous. MRFF is not an atheist organization. In fact, 96% of MRFF’s 28,000 clients are Christians — Catholics and mainline Protestants who are not considered to be the right kind of Christians or Christian enough by the fundamentalists.
  • Before getting to the military Bible issue, I want you to watch a little video. The first part of this video is a collection of clips showing military chaplains and some of the many fundamentalist parachurch ministries that operate freely within the military clearly stating what their real mission is. The last few clips show the mission of these chaplains and parachurch ministries being put into practice in Afghanistan. (The ranks and positions identifying the individuals in this video are the ranks and positions they held at the time the clips were filmed.)

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1 Comment

  1. Caleb

    If you all are for real Christians….why are you taking the BIBLE out of the military?!?! What sense does it make to call it a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT? If you have good reasons (which I highly doubt) please e-mail me them and I will gladly respond to them.

    This is appalling if you are all really Christians who supported this….absolutely appalling. The suicide rate in the military is as high as its ever been, so your literally asking for people to just deal with the crap they see instead of giving them hope and restoration. You all are really Christians and people friendly….but please e-mail me I want to see this retarded logic behind this.

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