Christian fundamentalist blog attacks MRFF for opposing mandatory prayer ceremony, implies demonic possession

*note: the above line regarding “demonic possession” was removed after
MRFF supporters raised a furor vs. this absurd, insidious notion


Selected Article:

  • Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?
    Would you get enraged if some children believe in the Easter Bunny?
    For people who say they don’t believe God exists, atheists certainly are uptight about anyone praying to this non-existent being.
  • Note that Gettman, Weinstein, and every litigious atheist I can remember aren’t really offended by people praying to Allah, Buddha, a wiccan goddess, or any of the millions of Hindu gods. What sends them into a sputtering, spitting rage is the Christian religion and the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — and of the three Persons, especially Jesus the Christ.Why do atheists especially abhor Christ and Christianity?Here’s looking at you, Victoria Gettman and Mikey Weinstein!

Selected Comment Excerpts:

  • It is the Trinity that such people abhor, especially any reference to Jesus, Our Lord. May the devil and all of his demons be cast out, wherever they are, in the name of Jesus, Our Lord, who commands them to leave. Look at Our Lord suffering on the Cross for us! His Love is what they hate!
  • There are going to be NO ATHIESTS [sic] on judgment day.

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