VIDEO – HUFFPOST LIVE – Bombing for Jesus

Bombing For Jesus

A report by a national security expert reveals military leaders are overtly promoting evangelical Christianity. Is fundamentalist religion in the military on the rise?

Hosted by:

  • Josh Zepps

  • Blake Page (Colorado Springs, CO) Former United States Military Cadet; Director of West Point Affairs at Military Religious Freedom Foundation
  • Jim Parco (Colorado Springs, CO) Assoc. Prof. of Economics and Business at Colorado College; Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel; Member of the National Security Council Under Clinton
  • Mikey Weinstein (Albuquerque, NM) President and Founder of Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Originally posted to HuffPost Live

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1 Comment

  1. Jim

    Bombing For Jesus
    Now some are saying the new threat in the USA are fundamentalist, evangelical Christians. It is not Christians that I fear, but rather people like Jim Parco, Mikey Weinstein and Blake Page. I have listened to these people distort truth and make extremist claims concerning ill-advised things done by fundamentalists as though they are the norm. They imply that radical, fundamentalist Christianity is rampant in the armed forces and that it should be stopped. That in itself is radical. If anything, secularism and bias against the Christian faith is blossoming. Parco and others seem to think Christians are “thirsting for the Battle of Armageddon.” That is scare talk intended to demonize Christians and elevate secularism. Sure, Christians believe there will be a Battle of Armageddon but few, if any, think they have to bring it on. They are convinced it will happen without their intervention.
    There is a subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle effort to paint Christians as bad people and squeeze them into a position where their voice is stilled. It’s a sad time for America — a nation that was definitely founded upon Christian principles and prospered upon the same.

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