FOX NEWS – The O’Reilly Factor features Mikey Weinstein – “Religion in the US military”


Video length: 6 min 23 sec


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  1. Rev. Renee L TenEyck

    Outstanding performance on O’Reilly… though I can’t stand it when pundits won’t let you finish your sentence. That was brave to go on a Faux network program, but, we can’t keep “preaching to the choir,” (those who agree with us). We have to spread seeds to those who don’t agree with us… Thank you for your bravery and determination!

  2. Amy Beam

    Well done, Mikey
    pros·e·ly·tiz·ing … ha ha ha Mr. smarty-pants can’t even pronounce the word. Did he just learn it?

  3. Marshalldoc

    ‘Ya done good Mikey! Not many can hold their ground against the O’Reilly attack. He is the heart of ‘disingenuous’… backing off of ‘secular’ as though he hasn’t used it as an epithet or stand-along condemnation since he first began broadcasting! If there was such a thing as ‘divine retribution’ the guy would burst into sulphurus flame within about 15 seconds of his initial comment on any subject.

  4. Gregory Kruse

    What a cad, and a panderer, pretending that he didn’t mean anything by calling the Obama Administration “secular”, and then suggesting that a secular government, as apposed to a theocracy, has its own equally undesirable shortcomings! He just thinks he is so clever, the way he uses his airtime so deftly. Well done, Mikey.

  5. kfreed

    O’Reilly knows exactly what Mikey was talking about as he is intimately familiar with right-wing efforts to promote the “Christian Nation” meme on Fox. Unfortunately, O’Reilly was up against someone who wouldn’t allow his words to be twisted into yet another anti-Muslim/anti-Obama two minutes hate. You realize that Fox had you on to make you a national target for right-wing extremists, yes? Consider it a true sign of success on the part of MRFF. On the other hand, Fox may unintentionally have directed positive attention in your direction. That double-edged sword cuts both ways and those who have never heard of MRFF will soon discover your organization and the good work you do. Meanwhile, we’ll be discussing how much to contribute in addition to our monthly donation to MRFF at the dinner table this evening. Great job, Mikey.

  6. mark novak

    Well instead of investigating this Cabal; as usual Faux news runs interference for anything ‘christian’. Can’t remember the offending passage? Why should I commit to memory your nonsense? Why arn’t you outraged that soldiers looking down their sights see the notation for a biblical passage? O’riley word for the day don’t ‘proselytize’, or at least, don’t get caught.

  7. Good job, Mikey!! O’Reilly made a fool of himself (not so hard, I guess) trying to cover up your responses to his questions and restate as your answer what he wanted said — which, of course, wasn’t what you said. And, of course, he gets the last word.

    It took guts to walk into the kill zone and greatness to walk out proud. Well done and much respect.

  8. Lynette Whitehead

    I found myself screaming at the screen everytime O’Rudely asked a question then proceeded to interrupt, reword, and talk right over the top of Mike. Why did he bother asking the question if he was not going to let it be answered? And the smug, cat-ate-the-canary look he got on his face as he jumped on the fact that Mike could not remember the exact passages that had been placed on the rifles only made him look the bigger fool. It was good to see Mike come away proud and confident from an encounter the Fox had obviously hoped to be a route. Aside from the rudeness, it was a pleasure to watch the encounter and its outcome.

  9. Tony

    I am sorry but I do not agree with Mikey or the MRFF. So you want to ban someone’s ability to express their faith in the military? At the same time you want us to respect Atheism. Sounds pretty one sided for Athiests to me and millions of other Americans. I am all about not forcing someone to convert in my unit but that does NOT mean that you try to ban religion in our ranks. Both sides need to be equally represented not just one!

  10. Harold

    Untrue. The MRFF does not want to ban religion in the ranks and/or promote atheism. The position of the MRFF is that it is none of anyone’s business what a member of the military believes or not believes.

    Telling anyone he or she is going to hell because that person’s beliefs are supposed to incorrect is a violation of that person’s religious freedom. It also attacks unit cohesion.

    If you want to witness and you have all the right to do as long as you do so off base and in civilian clothes. Doing so in the ranks is totally inappropriate.

  11. Jim

    It isn’t hard to see where this country is headed because of you loons. a former Army vet

  12. Steve Pehnec

    Bill O’Reilly should spend an hour in a locked cell with a gang of apocalyptic evangelical inquisitors to learn first hand what they think of Catholics.

    Nicely done, Mikey. The slime obviously did not stick to you at all.

  13. Steve Pehnec

    BTW, “Jim” posted 2 minutes before me, just now. One can be a vet, or not. But there is no such thing as a “former vet”. I think “Jim” is a fundamentalist troll.

  14. Tony

    I never said anything about telling someone that they were going to hell was in the right because that would be wrong anyway you put it. Also way beyond professional. I would disciple a soldier that was making fun of an Athiest’s lack of religion. Yall are not seeing the point though. Look at the bigger picture instead of looking at everything from a narrow point of view. The system we already have in the military, and I know because I have spent the last 9 years in, is performing quite impressively. We push that each soldier’s religious preference is not to be encrouched upon whether they are religious or not. If it is then as the leadership is mandated to step in and handle disciplinary actions. I can tell you are not military and do not have any real experience in this matter. Try telling your side to the grieving families that they can not have anything religious spoken of at their son’s/daughter’s/etc’s military funeral. (Pending the soldier’s will and families requests of course.) Not even a simple prayer… news flash …”In God We Trust.” Our country was founded partially on the persecution of religion . Stop being on the outside critiqueing and actually talk with the servicemembers. We serve the people of this great nation and make each sacrifice so that you have the capacity to express your “perspective.” In the fantasy world that you live in, you expect us to die for you but we can’t so much as say the simplest of prayers before a mission that we may very well die on. Blissful ignorance from uneducated extremists is ….unappropriate.

  15. Tony

    *discipline not disciple.

  16. Harold

    No one is saying you can’t pray and the claim that your religious beliefs are under attack is a red herring. Show me any instance of prayers banned at funerals; show me any instances of prayers banned before battles. Btw, I am a 2 year veteran of the U.S. Navy and I have the DD214 to prove it.

  17. Imbabci2

    Good job, Mr Weinstein.

  18. Harold

    To continue, my brother is a four year Air Force veteran and my oldest nephew has been in the Army since 1999. Please explain in your words how I am not military. Also for your information my nephew did a tour of duty in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

  19. Jay


    Hey it is true, I saw him on MASH, cleaning up after Col. Potters horse!

    These people who call themselves “xtian” are liars, flat out & simple.

  20. Cynthia Perkins

    Freedom of religion is freedom for ALL religions not just the ones you want. You only set your sites on Christians and you sound just like a person who hates someone for something they believe in simply because you don’t. Christians do not hate anyone. Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord and he never preached hate or intolerence toward anyone. If you do not agree with our beliefs you are not forced to do so but you do not have the right to tell Christians they cannot voice their beliefs. Men and women who are in a combat situation need their faith more than they need anything and it does not matter what faith that is, and if they want to discuss it or show openly their faith then neither you or anyone else has the right to say otherwise. Freedom of religion is a right guarenteed by our constitution and there is no conflict in a service member openly believing. The conflict comes when someone like yourself is so intolerant of other peoples religion that you take it upon yourself to try and take away their right to beleive. No Christian is trying to take away your right to religion so why are you attacking Christians? You do not have to believe it is your free choice. Why are you so intimidated by some one else believing in God? Do not take your agenda and try to facilitate Hate towards Christians and don’t try to say you aren’t here is a quote from you
    The New American reports Weinstein calls religious service members “spiritual rapists” and “human monsters.” To him these Christian monsters represent a “national security threat” and as such are guilty of “sedition and treason” and should be punished
    This is hate talk and should be punishable as a hate crime under the law. I will be working viligantly toward your dismisal from the pentagon and having you brought up on hate crime charges. You need to realized religious freedom is for EVERYONE not just you

  21. Jay

    I went to a Christian College for 2 years, I was gonna be a missionary pilot. I know more about this crap than most ministers.

    They are not Christians, it is a bunch of cults based on lies & hate.

    You do not have a right to run your mouth & use your power & position to force people into a lie.

    I think genocide of certain classes would be great, I keep my mouth shut cause it bothers people & I keep most of my “crap” to myself.

    Cynthia, read this and learn, whatever group you are in, just from what you say, you are being sold a bill of goods & nothing remotely close to what Jesus would say or do.

  22. Bill Gibbons

    So, is Weinstein just targeting Christians, or do Muslims in the US military sharing their faith need to be dealt with just as harshly?

  23. stanley Trent Bemis

    this is almost unbelievable,and espcially from a christian perpective-the founder of the Jewish sect who became known as THE PRINCE OF PEACE WHO SAID ,’put up thy sword(weapon)”would hardly endorse this sort of there no end of takeing God’s name in vein By these”Christians”?”A new commandment I give unto you,that you love one another”.?e

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