No comments allowed? RE: U.S. News and World Report article, MRFF and Religious Liberty

Dear Ms. Flock,

I just attempted to comment on your article about religion in the military and found the comment system not working.  Why would that be?  For the record, here is the comment I wished to post:

“Darn that “controversial” Mikey Weinstein!  How DARE he stand up for the civil rights of the vast majority in our military who don’t want to be preached at, testified to, proselytized or evangelized!  And how dare those  brave military members in that majority stomp all over the religious rights of the few who must, according to their special version of Christianity, force their religious views on anyone and everyone?”

There’s nothing controversial about the Constitution making it illegal to give any one religion privilege, backed by the full influence and force of United States government, over any and all other religions and no religion at all.  When the DoD allows equal evangelizing to all religions, there won’t be a DoD, just a giant organization factioned by religion and incapable of good order and discipline.

Each and every military member, her/his family members, and all civilians working in/with the military should be shown the respect of privacy, regarding his/her religion, at least when on the job, in uniform, during the duty day, on the taxpayer’s dime.  Anything else is not controversial.  It is simply unAmerican.

(name withheld)
former Maj, USAF

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