WASHINGTON TIMES – Are Christians’ rights under attack in the U.S. military?

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Today, the leaders of America’s fundamentalist Christian owned-and-operated Religious Right are in disarray. Their political influence is waning in the face of libertarian activism which has swept the Republican Party. As the nation grows more secular, and churches close their doors, less room is left for the fire and brimstone of yesteryear.
  • In an existence where hypocrisy is this latent, it becomes necessary for the ruling clique to conjure a boogeyman bar none. Such a thing is the last resort; otherwise, the masses will realize just how terrible their state of affairs truly is.
  • This is where Mikey Weinstein enters the picture.

    A registered Republican former military prosecutor who served in the Ronald Reagan Administration, he now heads the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. As a result of this, he has become a celebrity cause for what is left of the Religious Right.According to a recent article from Michael Chapman of CNSNews, “(a) September 2013 report from the Family Research Council….details numerous cases of religious persecution in the U.S. military that have occurred over the last few years. Some of the cases involve banning Bibles; ordering soldiers to keep their Bibles out of sight; punishment for expressing opposition to a gay ‘marriage’ at the Cadet Chapel at West Point; and prosecuting a sergeant who refused to punish an instructor who expressed moral opposition to same-sex ‘marriage.'”The Religious Right chalks up all of these alleged grievances to legal activism brought about by leftist radicals. They have painted the MRFF as what might be considered the modern-day Communist Party.
  • The ensuing message might relay a semblance of how twisted many fundamentalist Christian activists have become: “Dirty jew Mikey, saw all about you on Fox News the other day and how you and your anti- American jew mrff foundation are trying to take the love and knowledge of Jesus out of our Air Force atom bomb missile training. Filthy stinking conniving merderous disloyal jew Mikey. everything you touch, jew boy, you corrupt.” As one may imagine, not all of that letter was published in this article.Unfortunately, there are all too many more where this slime oozed from.
  • The irony here is that fundamentalist Christian America is supposed to be supportive of not only Israel, but Jews in general. Besides, as Weinstein told TWTC earlier this year, the overwhelming majority of the MRFF’s clients are not Jewish.Facts never seemed to matter much for fundamentalist Christian theocrats, though, so the point is surely moot.The MRFF serves as a prime example of why fundamentalist Christianity becoming involved with American politics was always a terrible idea. While the peace and love of Jesus Christ might have been preached by so-called holy men, a message of totalitarianism was just beneath the surface. Seeing as fundamentalist Christian communities are often dysfunctional in an entirely secular sense, it can be no surprise that our nation’s mainstream saw through the ruse and never took to the Religious Right.

    Now, as this odious presence leaves the GOP, America can look forward to a new era; one in which God is not used to rationalize hatred, and scriptures manipulated for the sake of partisan gains.

    If nothing else, that is a future worth striving for.

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