Comment made by Mike Farrell

As the Constitution states – it is “Freedom of Religion”, Not “Freedom from Religion” – he and your members need to get over it.

This country was founded on Christian/Judeo values and beliefs – the Constitution allows you your right to practice what religion you want – however, in God we Trust will always stand as a part of this country.

Again, the Constitution states freedom of religion, not freedom from religion – it has been like that for over 200 years and it will stand. If you have a problem with this, then don’t join the military. There is no draft – you have a choice to join or not to join.

If you have a problem with the Constitution, then get the Congress to change it. Chances are it will not happen as we are not going to change a system for a few people.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

The rather hysterical tone of your message suggests you’re the one who needs to “get over it.” To begin with, your assertion that “our country was founded on Christian/Judeo values and beliefs” inverts the common use of the term. Judeo/Christian is the usual formulation and it’s written that way because the Jews came first. Then, since you include the reference to “values and beliefs,” it appears you understand that belief is what is at issue here. Freedom of religion, then, or freedom of belief, means one has the right to choose what and how he or she believes. That includes the freedom to believe there are many gods, there is one God, as the monotheistic systems hold, or there is no god. Or one can take the agnostic position and just decide to not know.

As regards Judeo/Christian values, by the way, if you check you’ll find that many if not most of those values are shared by those of many other belief systems, including atheism.

If you’d take the trouble to read the statements of the founders, many of whom were deists as opposed to Christians, you’d find they were quite careful in their deliberations and made clear there was to be no belief system imposed on the people of our country by any arm of the government. Given your interpretation of the freedom clause, it would mean that people were free only to choose which religion they wanted. In fact you state “the Constitution allows you to choose which religion you want,” implying that one has to choose one of them. That’s simply nonsensical and would result in the very tyranny you’re trying to impose.

You have every right to believe in God and trust in God. I have that same right. But if one chooses to believe there is no God, neither your belief in God nor your particular understanding of the way you believe your God chooses to be recognized, can be forced upon another. That’s what freedom of religion, or freedom of belief, means.

Unlike some, we at the MRFF don’t think we have the right to force a belief system on the men and women in the military. We think, and the Constitution supports us, that the right of the men and women in our armed forces to their personal choice, the right to their personal belief, the right to their religious or non-religious preference, cannot be abrogated by the government, by their superior officers, by the military system, or by you.

Mike Farrell

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  1. shareen G banagan

    Mike Ferrell. Believe what you will. GOD does give us that choice. I’m sorry if you don’t. Liked MASH. Good show.

  2. Mike, Your comments are so hostile. Jesus said: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.” As a lifelong Catholic, who knows that we were the first Christians and who is committed to loving all Christians and even nonbelievers, I know that Jesus’ love never fails; it never gives up; it never runs out on us! So why do you sound so bitter and resentful all the time, my brother? Jesus loves you, and so do I. Be still and know that he is God. Pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit! ❤️

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