One Religion in America- Att: Michael Weinstein

Wow! Mr. Weinstein,

How exciting! The Constitution as our National Bible, and the American Flag our one symbol! I guess I’ve been worshiping that flag every time I cross my chest when it passes on parade! Is that why I get goose bumps? And your statement of purpose is so altruistic- protecting our military from the terrible
brainwashing of religionists- especially the Evangelicals! Oh, they are sooo pushy! Next thing you know they’ll be holding knives at people’s throats to convert them like some other group I know. But what compassion you have! What selflessness for you to buck the tide of the “opiate of the people” to help rid them of their addiction! How did this mindset come about-through an evolutionary proccess? You’re a genius! From the slime of the primordial soup to you! You must be the High Priest of this long hidden religion. Pity the people who will not be coerced to join because their benefits are so much better in their faith in the Living God whose Banner over them is Love, as it says in their Book. I guess you’ll just have to see that they are locked up in prison camps, and eventually eliminated. Others have done that pretty successfully. Yes, I know they actually failed, (and were most assuredly sorry when they met their Maker,You know Who–I can;t say it) but maybe you’ll be the guy to really pull it off. Come to think of it, I may even have read about you in that “other” book you hate. And I don’t mean Michael the Archangel. I guess your mother had great hopes.

(name withheld)
Christian. Not perfect, just Forgiven

WOW! (name withheld),

How exciting! You’re a Christian! So are a lot of the people involved with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).

Mikey – who is Jewish – is the face, founder and President of MRFF but 75% of those on the Board, Advisory Board, volunteers and supporters are mainline Christians. 96% of the almost 35,000 clients (1 soldier can represent 50 other soldiers) are Christian. Some of the complainants are Christian Chaplains.

I am on the Advisory Board and an ordained minister.

MRFF does not act on its own but at the request of soldiers’ complaints of the blatant disregard and trampling of the Constitution and the Military Code of Justice; blurring the lines between the separation of church and state. Every complaint is vetted by Mikey who was a JAG lawyer at the Air Force Academy for 10 years; worked in the West Wing under Ronald Reagan; and held positions in private practice.

If you have a problem with what MRFF does, I suggest you contact each of the soldiers and tell them how you feel about it because you know so much more about it than they do.

You also seem to know what the Cadets are dealing with when you really have no clue.

MRFF is not anti-Christian or against Evangelicals. What we are against is an off-shoot of the Evangelicals better known as Dominionists.

US Army chaplain MAJ James Linzey, who, in a 1999 video, described mainstream Protestant churches as “demonic, dastardly creatures from the pit of hell “that should be “stomped out.”
This is the thinking of the military of today throughout the chain of command all the way to the Pentagon. All mainline Christians (see above) are destined to hell.

We fight for the rights of all soldiers under the Constitution and military law.

Military Chaplains – not Commanders or those in leadership positions – are in charge of the spiritual needs of their soldiers in each denomination and must have tolerance and acceptance for all faiths in deference to their own personal religious convictions. In addition to personal tolerance, military Chaplains must ensure religious freedom or lack thereof for all soldiers according to the 2nd Amendment.

“. . . no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” (Article VI, Section III)

Our military is a government entity and must remain secular. Any person that wants to don the uniform of a branch of our military is free to do so with the express admonition from the Constitution to not exalt one religion over another.

The reason it seems that we are against Christianity is because it is the ONLY religion that is FORCING itself on others in the military. If it were the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. we would be fighting against them just as hard.

Imagine being in the military and being told that it has the right to proselytize you anytime and anywhere to accept their form of Dominionist Christianity as the only true one; that you must bow your head and listen to ONLY a Christian prayer at mandatory events; that you are a Warrior for Christ; that you are government paid missionaries; that you must cleanse the whole world of other religions and atheists so Jesus can come back and rule 1,000 years; and that your very career, advancements and retainment is based on that religion.

And, yes, they are pushy!

Your allusion to the holocaust is despicable! You do remember that Jesus was born, raised and died a Jew?

And, what did God say about how we treat the Jews?

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 12:3.

It looks like you are in a whole heap of trouble with God by your snarky remarks to Mikey which also includes all of us with MRFF.

God knows that you were joyful in your heart writing this because it came across loud and clear. You thought you could get away with it by writing to a Jewish person. Surprise! You have been caught and found out to be an arrogant, self-righteous, judgmental hypocrite that lacks the Fruit of the Spirit by we Christians with MRFF. No Fruit = no Spirit.

So take your sorry, hateful, bigoted, Christian – in – name – only body to your knees and ask God’s forgiveness for what you have just written.

I feel sorry for you.

Pastor Joan

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