Removing God from oath

Dear Mr. Weinstein

I just saw the story on the news that you would like to remove God from the military oath
I understand if you do not believe in God that is your choice but what about those of us who do believe in God do we get a choice or does freedom of or from religion only apply to those
Who Do Not believe we don’t force you to believe in God why should you try to force others
to have your point of view.
We are very quickly losing our freedom of choice in this country I find that very sad.
We have lost the ability to respect difference’ s in others and to let people that believe in God
do so and those that do not do so, without taking away anyone’s freedom.
I will keep you in my prayers that you find the freedom you seek.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Mikey has read your email and asked me to respond.

I’m sorry that you and other Christians have been misled by the media, organizations, speakers and churches. I hope to clear that up for you.

Mikey – who is Jewish – is the face founder and President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) but, there is also Blake (the Assistant to the President), the Board, the Advisory Board, volunteers and supporters. In fact, 75% of those involved with MRFF are Christian. A full 96% of our almost 35,000 soldier clients (1 can represent more than 50) are Christian – Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodist, Lutherans, Baptists, Evangelicals, etc.

The real freedoms being taken away are from those of other faiths and atheists. They should not be forced (it is mandatory) to say “so help me God” in order to be commissioned into the military. This is forcing Christianity on those that do not believe in it but as far as the military is concerned there is no freedom from religion. It is the military that is disrespecting our soldier’s religious preferences or lack thereof.

You are not losing any freedoms or being persecuted.

The Air Force has strict laws on religion.


Air Force Instruction 1-1

7 August 2012

2.11. Government Neutrality Regarding Religion. Leaders at all levels must balance constitutional protections for an individual’s free exercise of religion or other personal beliefs and the constitutional prohibition against governmental establishment of religion. For example, they must avoid the actual or apparent use of their position to promote their personal religious beliefs to their subordinates or to extend preferential treatment for any religion. Commanders or supervisors who engage in such behavior may cause members to doubt their impartiality and objectivity. The potential result is a degradation of the unit’s morale, good order, and discipline. Airmen, especially commanders and supervisors, must ensure that in exercising their right of religious free expression, they do not degrade morale, good order, and discipline in the Air Force or degrade the trust and confidence that the public has in the United States Air Force.

The very First Amendment to the Constitution reads:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion …”

Note that the clause is absolute. It allows no law. It is also noteworthy that the clause forbids more than the establishment of religion by the government. It forbids even laws respecting an establishment of religion.

“. . . no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” (Article VI, Section III)

When Congress passed an act in 1962 to include “so help me God” in the oath, it violated the very Constitution that they swore to uphold and it must be removed.

The oath of office states that they will defend the Constitution.

We make sure they do.
Pastor Joan

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