Please explain?

Dear Mikey,

I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran that is not religious at all. Maybe you can clarify something for me? Recently read an article about your organization having a nativity scene removed at the naval base in Gitmo. If your organization feels the need to pursue displays of Nativity Scenes that depicts the birth of Jesus which is why there is a federal holiday called Christmas held on Dec 25th where all military members receive 96 hours of liberty. If this is unconstitutional then the Federal holiday itself is unconstitutional am I correct? Michael L. Weinstein answer this question for me? If that is the case then go after this federal holiday. After researching some of Michael L. Weinstein’s articles and watching his latest interview via Youtube on Fox news. I’ve come to the conclusion that Mr. Weinstein is completely out of touch with who he thinks he is supporting. You do not support the US military. Instead you are furthering your own agenda which appears to be one of a bully or someone who has nothing else to do than cause trouble when there is no trouble at all. Instead of name calling and being a complete ass of yourself sir. Why don’t you spend your time fighting for disabled vets who are mistreated through the Veterans Administration and our own government. We gave our mind or a body part to keep you free. Do us a favor and be an asset not an ass!

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

From one disabled Marine Vet to another – Semper Fi!

I am not religious, though I am seriously doubting the validity of your claim as most non-believers are a little more well-versed in Constitutional law. Please allow me to explain to you what happened aboard both bases. The nativity scenes are clearly sectarian in nature (that is they represent a sole religious preference and are not inclusive of any other) and were placed in public places that are paid for by tax dollars – yours, mine, and every citizen of the United States. Not every tax-paying citizen of the United States is a Christian. Therefore, according to the Establishment Clause of the Constitution the government cannot promote one religion over another. It had to be taken down. That is the law of the land that supercedes all other laws in our nation.

Many detractors then complain that the government cannot “prohibit the free exercise thereof”. YES! That is absolutely true. The government however is not a citizen and not subject to the Free Exercise Clause. But the individuals who work for the government can worship as they please. So they can go to the chapel – where it is legal – and set up a nativity scene there, but not on public land that is owned by the government that has not been strictly set aside for all religious people of varying faiths and religions.

It’s quite frankly that damn simple. I’m so discouraged that so many of my fellow citizens as well as fellow veterans fail to understand the basic premise of the Constitution of the United States of America. It is something that both you and I swore our lives to defend, yet you know so little about it. I hope this encourages you to study and take a deeper appreciation for our founding document and the freedoms that it affords us.

All the best!

Very Respectfully,
Paul Loebe
Special Projects Manager
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Chicago, IL

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