What an ass you were

I, before your idiocy with that modern-day hero Mikey Weinstein, used to have some respect for you and I watched and listened to all your programs. However, Mikey, in the few words you let him speak, must have brought out the real you, a self-centered, self loving, egotistical, narcicistic spoiled child, one who thinks that covering a little bit of REAL war with a stinking little pen, holed up in a safe little office, or WAY behind real battles, makes you a hero. That was such an idiotic statement you made, that you fought 4 wars with a pen. Well, here is a great surprise for you, you egotistical non-hero hiding behind a very lethal pen, pens don’t fight wars, pens START wars and hatred when pushed by people like you. By the way, you couldn’t stoop any lower than by your calling that real hero, Mikey, an idiot and a weasel after your using your “tough?” and “heroic?” command to your flunkies to cut Mikey off. You couldn’t stand his logic, could you—you had no logical come back to his defense of our beloved Constitution, did you.
And since when is Christianity NOT a religion? You really again made an ass of yourself with that statement. You owe Mikey and his great organization a BIG apology. He had the facts—-YOU DIDN’T–Period.
I’m a died-in-the-wool lifetime Republican and it’s people like you with a big mouth, and a microphone for a sword, who give us Republicans a real bad name. I am also a retired military man having served close to 30 years and I resent your calling the brave volunteer military men serving under terrible conditions at Gitmo, cowards, especially when you cowardly hide behind your pen, and have been doing so during several wars, not volunteering to get out behind your safe little civilian pen like REAL men have done, and are doing now. I wonder if your little pen had a strong firm military chain-of command to work with and report to. HOW DARE YOU CALL OUR MILITARY VOLUNTEERS COWARDS !!!!

(name withheld)

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  1. Jude Morford

    Evening (Name withheld)

    I too, was most disturbed by the blatant manner in which our friend, Mikey Weinstein, was trashed by the Fox News #1 Barker… There were moments when I sensed the need to turn my face from the screen, and try not to listen from the disrespect being displayed. It was painfully clear the intention by Bill O’Reilly was to negate his “Guest” on every level that his twisted mind could conceive of. Most importantly, he presented, once again, his calculated disrespect for our military soldiers, and that, cannot be ignored. I’m gravely aware there is a “barren soil available” for promoting of a dangerous mindset at the hands of the ill informed, and willfully ignorant viewers of the “O’Reilly Factor.”

    We live in a time where those of us who are seeking wisdom, find it a difficult and very challenging path, and it should be just that!. The days where a refined and focused intelligence was a mandate for even the basic rung level on the latter of criteria for any consideration to enter media arena, is long gone. Daily we are being doused with the toxins of ignorance, bigotry, lies, and a total disregard for anyone other then themselves. Self absorption breeds contempt, and when one observes Bill O’Reilly’s behavior with The Mikey Weinstein interview realizes, the damage that was done!

    There’s an illness taking over our airways, our military, our right to personal privacy, (from the perspective of a woman) and so much more. It’s a direct and aggressive action to codify, chastise, and most importantly, to control, with media being the perfect medium for a culture that refuses to do any personal research.. Their spider web is expanding.

    Thank you for the finely dissected email to Bill O’Reilly revealing a moment that could of been critically informative, but due to his “God Complex” is frozen in the audio and visual internet ether, forever.

    Be well.
    p e a c e,

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