VIDEO: MRFF Special Projects Manager Paul Loebe speaks at Campus Crusade for Christ CRU Conference

Scroll to the 10-minute mark to skip to the start of panel discussion

MRFF’s Paul Loebe and fellow military atheist Adam Hann have a broad-ranging discussion with Christian author and motivational speaker Doug Pollock on issues of faith, religious oppression, freethought, and religion in the military.

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  1. Marshalldoc

    Great interviews guys! I especially liked your emphasis on the difference between one’s private convictions (I’m an atheist at heart…) and one’s ability to prove a position (but must confess to agnosticism as the only tenable intellectual position). The subtle difference between what you believe to be true and what you can prove is true is often lost in the heat of ‘battle’… on both sides of the question. Something you approached but didn’t fully develop is when discussing your impressions of Christians is that, if Christians actually believed everything they say is true (especially regarding hell as the price of sin), they’d behave a whole lot differently than most do (this applies to all dogmatic religions also). The actual fear of an eternity in whatever tortures hell might hold should be adequate to prevent the vast majority of criminal behavior by a religion’s adherents… the degree to which it doesn’t may be an accurate measure of the actual depth of their convictions. It’s my casual observation that the louder the proselytizers announce their profound beliefs, the more doubts they actually harbor. Conversely, those who can quietly go about exercising their beliefs without the need to convince the world (Albert Schweitzer, Mother Teresa, & others of their ilk) actually do so by their example and most likely do harbor the deepest convictions… even if they’re myths.

  2. Neil

    I really tried to be patient with this video but it will only stream at a higher resolution meaning that for me, it literally plays for five seconds then pauses for five seconds. I would have loved to watch the entire thing but it won’t buffer long enough to make a difference. Sadly it only seems to be available in this format and from one source that I’ve been able to find.

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