I am praying for you that you will hear the message of love.

Dear Mikey

As a former Air Force Doctor and the father of children that have each spent a year in Israel to support the country of Israel I want to let you know that I am praying for you and your group.

I think you are taking advantage of your ring number to push your view of religious freedom or better, freedom from religion, at the Air Force Academy.

I was disappointed when my son did not apply to the Air Force Academy, now I am glad he went to secular school where he could express his religious thoughts without fear of repercussions.

I have visited Russia and am glad I live in a country that states we have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

I am praying for you that you will hear the message of love and come to the same viewpoint.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

As another “former Air Force Doctor”, I have been asked to respond to your email. Mr. Weinstein is more than busy protecting the religious rights of individuals in the military, and these days, that mostly means making sure one self-proclaimed Christian doesn’t use rank and office to tell others they are somehow less, including less Christian, for not making sure they push their Christianity in the faces of everyone else.

Did you, as an Air Force doctor, make all your patients pray with you? Did you refuse to care for patients who weren’t Christian, or those who weren’t the same sort of Christian as you? Did you require a religious test of your patients in the military, before deciding who got what care? And did you similarly treat the military and civilian personnel working around and with you?

Well, there are those who do. I am the direct victim of one, and I was one of many. My hospital commander went so far as to attend a Pentagon meeting, make a motion requiring all superiors to investigate the “spirituality” — his code word for religion — of all subordinates before writing up their annual evaluations, and made the motion pass.

It was clearly his intention that religion be part of the grade, and if one’s religion wasn’t up to his standard, he was going to make it reason for separation, one way or another. Would you really want your children serving in such a military? Really?

I, too, have been to Israel, and my family is from Russia/Ukraine. I am Jewish. He did not stop at ousting me from the military, and for that reason, I ask that you respect my anonymity, here. I am still a target, just as though this were the McCarthy era.

Before I go, though, allow me to make one more point: The religious extremists Mikey Weinstein finds himself up against have made it publicly clear that they put God and Jesus first, family second, Constitution — at best — third. To appreciate how extreme they are, google “seven mountains” and “Dominionist.” I fear that one day, one of these Dominionists will awaken from a dream, or his pastor/preacher will, saying he has been specially chosen to start Armageddon. What do you think he will do: Ask up the chain of command for permission, or reach out to other Dominionists in the ranks? Remember those live nuclear warheads “accidentally” flown from Minot AFB to Barksdale AFB, a couple short years after 9/11? Remember the nuclear detonators found in Taiwan, six months later? The detonators had been “accidentally” shipped there two years before — very shortly after 9/11. Are you putting this together? I am, and it concerns me greatly.

Just google “Jesus loves nukes.” I’m not kidding. I couldn’t be more serious.

Mikey is not only fighting to defend the religious rights of individuals in the military. He is fighting to protect the military members deployed to Muslim countries and handed “Jesus rifles” (google that, too), guaranteed to cause locals to see us as Crusaders and inspire terrorist retaliation. As an officer, you must know the important of appearances, and the appearance that we are a Christian force invading a Muslim country and training their military/police on Jesus rifles doesn’t look good. Add my concern, above, to make three aspects of this issue you might not have considered.

I could go on. You might not have personally noticed this issue in the military, but perhaps, now, you will. You can’t see the forest for the trees, if you don’t know the trees are the forest.

A staunch MRFF supporter

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