RADIO – COMMUNITIES DIGITAL NEWS HOUR – Cotto & Co. w/ Mikey Weinstein

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The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is one of America’s most powerful legal action groups. It was formed to defend military personnel from religious discrimination brought about by, for the most part, fundamentalist Christians.

The MRFF’s leader, Cap. Michael L. Weinstein, has generated extreme controversy. A retired Air Force Judge Advocate General who served in the Reagan Administration, he often finds himself in the sights of major Religious Right organizations and personalities. Their attacks on him have gone far beyond the professional, and certain news outlets sometimes join in the fray.

All of this makes it very difficult to identify facts about the MRFF and its work. Just what exactly is going on?

Some claim that the MRFF clamps down on the rights of Christians who wish to do nothing more than express their religious beliefs around others. The Foundation has been subject to highly critical coverage from right-leaning media outlets. What can be said about their interpretations of the Foundation’s work? At any rate, it seems that religious proselytization isn’t just a serious issue facing the military today, but one which has been lurking among shadows for some time. Why does offensive theological rhetoric surface so often among military personnel?

Weinstein shares his views about all of this and more.


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