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From: [email protected]

Mr. M Weinstein I am a spirit-filled ordained pastor of The Gospel from the great state of Nebraska.

Stop your attack on God Almighty and His only Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Stop your attack on His holy Christian wariors in our armed military forces!

My congregation includes many military from the nearby air force base.

We pray as one for you to die tonight in your sleep leaving a bloody mess for your family to find at daybreak. And that they think hard about it in the morning.

Before its’ also too late for them all.

In Jesus Holy Name we pray. amen.

Response to Cornhusker from MRFF Advisory Board Member Lawrence Wilkerson

Pastor Cornhusker,

Please forgive my appellation for you above, but you did not include a name–which I find is usually the case with emails such as yours–and so I had to select a name and I did not want to seem too provocative, as you seem to have no difficulty in being.

As a Christian myself, when I read your email, which Mr. Weinstein was kind enough to forward to me, my first reaction was: “This man is a pastor???”

Christian pastors do not pray for other people’s death, they pray for understanding, love, compassion, forgiveness, calm, deliberation, and humility before God.   So, what are you really, Satan in disguise?  The “spirit-filled” description equates to “filled with hate and spite” because it certainly does not reflect the love of Christ.

You frighten me, as Satan does.  You frighten me when I think there are others such as you out there in this huge country, others whose venomous hate and despicable character gets disguised in the garb of Jesus Christ and becomes the very opposite of what He intended.  You masquerade as Christians when you are anything but.  Apparently, you have never experienced a genuine Christian moment in your entire life.

You frighten me also because I do not know where you originate.  I spent 31 years in the US Army, serving my country in war and peace. I never met the likes of you–and yet you claim you associate with and have members of the military in your congregation.  I am saddened for their sakes, that they have to listen to and be associated with an evil creature such as you must be, one who prays–yes, prays–for the death of others.  People such as you have no conception of what Christ was and is, only your own twisted, distorted and egocentric version of Christ.  I suspect strongly that when you look in a mirror you think you see Christ.  I have hard news for you: you see the Devil.

I may be frightened of you and your kind–as I am of Satan himself–but I am sorry for you as well, very, very sorry.  Your life must be hell, hating as you do, wishing for the destruction of others as you do, and pretending to be a Christian as you do.

I will pray for your soul, Pastor Cornhusker.

Larry Wilkerson

MRFF Advisory Board Member

Dear Cornhusker,

I wonder what gospel teaches you to wish a death on anyone, especially one that would leave the corpse a bloody mess. Very odd sentiment coming from an “ordained pastor”.

But what really struck me about your e-mail is the statement that jesus is the only son of god. Why would you presume that? On all the other worlds in the universe, you don’t think god has other children? Or maybe on all these other worlds which needed saving, he just had daughters.

Given the immense size of the universe, why would god only choose to save a few poor souls on our planet? I imagine he probably had to save souls on every planet which makes for quite a family tree!

Wouldn’t you embrace all children of god? Why do you only embrace jesus?

Taking that a step further – why should you presume that god has left only one child on our planet? Why has he only spoken to prophets over such a narrow passage of time? How can you rule out Mohammed or Joseph Smith as legitimate prophets? Why did it have to end with jesus?

All curious questions that you are too blind to ask and too ignorant to answer (my judgment based upon your e-mail).

Wake up! Open your eyes! You don’t have the answer for everyone (or anyone in my opinion). Stop spreading your evil thoughts and maliciousness!

You are the sinner in the eyes of your god not Mikey Weinstein.

Repent your sins!

Signed – a mere believer in humanity

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  1. Joe Odom July 30, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    Hello “spirit-filled ordained pastor”,

    Please, step away from the bottle before you pen such buffoonery that is most likely to end up in public. Now normally it is considered poor form for someone to reply in the negative, to such high and mighty words invoked in the name of a particular flavor of Christianity. In this case, your brief words cast you into the same pile as the Westboro Baptist loonies. As such, you deserve no respect to your position.

    Without going into the gory details, your prayer is already a failure. The laughable position that you take that you have some way of influencing your God Almighty to participate in an intercessionary manner against Mr. Weinstein, the MRFF or harmless bunny rabbits eating your carrots in the field is simply at odds with scripture.

    In any event, if it makes you happier, pray for MY untimely and horrible death. I support the MRFF every month. For years. I can wait. Pray away.
    (Insert theme song from “Jeopardy” here)

    Still waiting. Hmmm… I think you are completely clueless about intercessionary prayer. You are a failure to your flock. You should get your money back from the magazine that ordained you.

    Joe Odom, USAF Veteran

  2. Lioness August 11, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    Dear Cornhusker,

    Your letter is a prime example of the sort of thing that caused me to leave Fundamentalist Christianity over 25 years ago.

    When I stepped off the shuttle bus to find my dorm room on the campus of my college so long ago, I was lost, alone, younger than my years and very naive. When the student driver and Campus Crusade for Christ member who had picked me and other new students up at the airport proselytized to me, he told me exactly what an injured abuse victim such as myself needed to hear; God knew I was bad and was the cause of my own depression and pain, but He loved me anyway and would always be there for me if only I prayed a special prayer and dedicated myself to his will.

    I believed. I had been taught all my young life that if only I would be what others wanted me to be and do what they wanted me to do they would stop hurting me, so the message seemed to make perfect sense to me then. I swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

    It took six years of trying to reconcile the differences between what I was hearing and what I was seeing and experiencing for it to be too much to take anymore. The will of God came from the mouths of men, and closely resembled what they desired, and if I protested, then perhaps I was not a good Christian. It was their place to tell me what to do because men were inherently superior to women, whose natural purpose was to marry and serve a man and have babies.

    I saw the televangelists who were never silent in their judgement of others, the ones who never ceased to ask for money from the poor that somehow always ended up in their pockets. If I objected that they seemed far too rich for servants of the poor shepherd, then perhaps I was not a good Christian.

    If I was appalled that the hypocrisy and ignorance all around me, and refused to believe that the visible stars in the sky were scattered there by God to impress humans, and refused to believe that what I could see was all that there were; if I challenged any point of doctrine, even on the grounds that it conflicted with well known scientific fact, then perhaps I was not a good Christian.

    Eventually they said that to me often enough that I decided they were right, and that Christianity was not for me. The price was too high, for they wanted my mind and my body, my soul and my future, for their use and not mine.

    I had heard their hatred from within the church as a member, but it was nothing to what I heard once I left. I had committed the ultimate sin of believing that I could find the wonder and the mystery of the Divine Spirit of the Universe on my own. That my own perception of what was good and just and merciful was superior to words in a book.

    Words like yours. Hate like yours. Modern Christianity need fear no enemies from without; it is killing itself from within. all evils, stealing, lying, racism, assault, rape, and the people who practice them need only throw on a Christian cloak, and all is tolerated. Anyone who brings any of it to light, or who demands that justice be done get vitriol of the kind you write poured out against them. I would call you a disgrace, but the truth is that Fundamentalist Christianity is a disgrace, and like calls to like.

    Despite the fact that I was taken advantage of long ago and had to work it out, I wish only that some light comes to your life, and that you find some beliefs that are less cruel than the ones you hold now. For your own sake, and for the sake of those you purport to lead as pastor.

  3. Steve Weeks, DDS August 11, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    Joe Odom gets a 21-gun salute for his excellent response to Cornhusker (maybe “Cornholer” would be better).

    As a non-believer, I’m not going to pray (or pretend to pray) for the Huskmeister. I would like to point out that his special book contains the promise that his prayers will be answered. See Matthew 7:7-8 and Mark 11:23-24 for starters. Assuming that this wingnut really did pray for Mikey Weinstein’s death, it’s safe to draw one of three possible conclusions:
    1) The bible (quoting Jesus) lied,
    2) “god” doesn’t answer prayers,
    3) There is no god.

    My money is on #3.

    Meanwhile, study up on your Constitution a bit more, and thump your buy-bull a little less.

    EDIT: Just saw Lioness’s powerful reply. Bravo!

  4. Denise M. August 13, 2014 at 7:18 pm


    I’m so sorry for the abuse you had to endure by jerks who go around doing the devil’s work in the guise of “Christianity”. It’s people like that that make my skin crawl! Although I’m a Bible-believer (I hesitate to use the word “Christian” to describe myself), I see and hear things that people who claim they know Jesus (like the people who wrote that nasty bit of trash to Michael Weinstein) and I just am flabbergasted. I can’t believe the vitriol and venom that can come out of such people. Now, I admit I’m no perfect saint myself, but to say those types of things to people is just inexcusable. I admit my husband and I left a church that was totally “Bible-based” because they got so full of their own righteousness that they lost the sense of compassion and humanity that they should have for those OF THEIR OWN BODY OF BELIEVERS even, and we just knew they really couldn’t have cared less about us, so why stay somewhere where you’re not wanted, right?

    I hope that your search will help you find the TRUE God (and by that I don’t necessarily mean the “Fundamentalist Christian” version), and hopefully He can help you to heal from those wounds of the past. I read an article about people in the church can hurt you and it is DEVASTATING because you always hear about how the church is so loving and supportive and so filled with the love of God that when it’s not, you think maybe there’s something wrong with you! Unfortunately, there’s a very vile spirit that is poisoning churches today, and driving a lot of people out with its rampant cruelty and smug sanctimony. Long story short, we did find another church that is better, but I admit it’s “once bitten, twice shy”. But God can heal, can’t He? :)

    Anyways, thank you to Mikey Weinstein for all you do, because the gospel doesn’t need to be rammed down unwilling throats to work its miracles. All it takes are open hearts to give and receive.

  5. David hatfield July 1, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    Mr Weinstein, I recently heard an interview you did with Bill Cunningham on 700 wlw in Cincinnati, Ohio. I already knew you were a jerk but I just wanted to thank you for proving it to hundreds of thousands of listeners when you told Bill Cunningham to “F Off” to use your exact words. Fine example you are setting there Mr Weinstein.

    David Hatfield

  6. David hatfield July 1, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    Years ago mrff went after a chaplain named Chuck Popov that was the center of a Military History Channel Docemetary called Gods Soldier. After lengthy emails with one of you associates it funny to find out that all of your public attacks against this Chaplain was never followed up by your staff. I know this because your staff told me this. It was so funny yo listen to you attack this Chaplain on things he was joking about & your organization had to realize that but yet you are so dead fast on finding negative things about Christians in the Military you will jump to conclusions. Come on folks go honest with yourselves.
    David Hatfield

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