Proselytizing in Official DoD Procurement Document?

There it was, a religious message embedded in an official procurement document from the Military – sent out late on a Friday.
I couldn’t believe it, in spite of all the regulations, laws, and the very Constitution of the United States of America prohibiting religious messages in official communications, some religious zealot went out of their way and stuck it in there on purpose.  There. It. Was.
The message was clear too, you won’t get the contract unless you are the “right” religion, and I wasn’t the right religion.  I was furious, and powerless.  Do I turn on the lawyers and empty my bank account?  Do I contact my State and Federal representatives?  If I complain, will I be shunned?  What will this mean for me if I complain?  I don’t know if you fully understand the fear.
I remembered reading about you and MRFF, and I thought maybe you would help, before I burned my career to the ground to stand up for my moral values.  So I sent you an email late Friday night.
Mikey, your personal support and the bulldog attitude was unbelievable.  I was still getting up Saturday morning when you told me your action plan!  Through the weekend you acted aggressively on my behalf, kept me updated – and my identity confidential – and formed a team of +40 other individuals behind me that would back up my complaint!  Of all faiths! Military and non Military!  Monday you had their attention, by Tuesday we had apologies, and by Wednesday I had a new solicitation without religious trimmings from the same zealot that tried to sneak it in the first time!
I can’t tell you how glad I am that I contacted you first.  You promised and delivered on your promises.  You have renewed the strength in my expectation that government will stay out of religion, and that something can be done when zealots refuse to do so.  If it ever happens again, I won’t have any fear, because I have MRFF.

With great respect, thanks, and admiration,

(name withheld)

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