DIGITAL JOURNAL – Christian Zealots: ISIS in America

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Mikey Weinstein, an Air Force Academy graduate, is worried that radical Christians pose the same kind of threat ISIS does in the Middle East
His signature proof: the election in Colorado Springs, where the Academy is located, of a former Navy chaplain who believes President Obama is obsessed by demons.Weinstein, who worked for a time for President Ronald Reagan, is Jewish. He got interested in wresting control of the U.S. military from the “God People” when his kids, who also attended the academy, were warned by fellow cadets that they would burn in hell because they did not accept Jesus Christ.

Since then, Weinstein has made the military a living hell for the commanders who believe their loyalty should be to the Christian faith, not the U.S. people.

His wife, Bonnie, has just written a book, “To the Far Right Christian Hater…You Can Be a Good Speller or a Hater, But You Can’t Be Both: Official Hate Mail, Threats, and Criticism from the Archives of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation,” which will be formally released on Dec. 2 but can already be ordered on Amazon. Weinstein said 95 percent of the book is hate emails and death threats made against his family.

Although his Military Religious Freedom Foundation has had many successes stopping Christian prayer at military ceremonies, the election of a Zealot court-martialed Navy chaplain to the Colorado Legislature cannot be considered one of them.

Gordon Klingenschmitt, a Republican, believes President Barack Obama is possessed by demons. He has tried to exorcise them, as he has with many gays.

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