Mr. Jewstein goes to Washington

Who you think you are? You want to stop our American soldiers from spreading The Word of our Savior to all others with ears to hear? Over my dead body JEWdas mikie weinstein. Better yet over the dead bodies of your jew wife and jew children pray Christ to take them soon. Keep your jew disease out of Congress mikey. You comanded to bend your knees and confess Jesus your Savior before it is too late. Romans 14:11. We hate your evil sins but love you as a sinner. You are the number one sinner against our Lord Jesus in America. Everyone know and you can’t hide form us or Jesus. Surrender to Christ or be in hells flames for all time.

(name withheld)

Oh my, (name withheld),

Does (name withheld) mean you’re 4 years old? That, at least, would explain the utter foolishness of this inane message.

If not, as I fear to be the case, if in fact you have reached the age of majority while retaining the intelligence of a 4 year old, let me explain that the tone and content of your message is an insult to four-year-olds the world over and then attempt to respond as thoughtfully as I can to your embarrassing self-indictment.

Mikey Weinstein knows very well who he is. And those of us who are proud to work with and support him against the attacks of the vulgarians and troglodytes know who he is as well. But sometimes we find ourselves wondering who people like you are. How is it, in the United States of America in the 21st Century, someone as courageous and patriotic as Mikey Weinstein has to live with the knowledge that there are people out there so ignorant of reality and so lost in their desire for meaning that they allow themselves to root around in the fecal matter of their own lives trying for find a way to make themselves feel like they matter and, failing that, lash out at others? I know it makes Mikey sad to know that you live in such pain. It makes me sad, as well. The idea that you’d stoop to the level of despair necessary to lash out frantically against someone you clearly know nothing about in a meaningless and pitiful attempt to make someone else feel as awful about themselves as you do about yourself is a sign of sickness in our society. People like you can be helped, but it takes courage to face the fact of your own emptiness. Doing so is step one.

While we continue our work to protect the freedom of religious choice of the women and men in the military, please know that some among our number will offer prayerful thoughts that you find the courage necessary to rise above the meaninglessness of your life and discover the joy of possibility that many of the people in the Christian faith you have above claimed for yourself have found.

One hopes…

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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1 Comment

  1. "A Sinner"

    For the individual who called Mr Weinstein those horrible derogatory names and to invoke the Lord’s name is so blasphemous. We as Christians (true God fearing Christians) would never, ever refer to anyone in this manner – Mr Weinstein; may the Lord of Hosts visit upon &; bless your home.

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