She’d have to pay me

hey hey hey! On that billboard today. Hello skank whore wife of Kikey Whinestien the Jesus hater. What a crybaby. oh boo hoo hoo for the jews? Same little fuckers who sent THE ONLY Lord to the Cross. Ok she was pretty hot for a she-jew. I’d fuck her. But only if she paid me 1st to do her. start with anal. No checks just cash. Or you’re kikey head on a platter.

This is the response I wrote then found out that (name withheld) e-mail address is invalid.


Dear (name withheld),

As a former Air Force officer and rescue pilot, I have had occasion to meet some pretty low class people, including enemies of the United States.. You are on the bottom tier of all that I have met.

We at MRFF do not use personal insults against adversaries but rather try to gain their trust and support through logic and truth.

You have already destroyed your case with banal and insulting rhetoric so I will not attempt to change your mind about MRFF but will only say that you probably would not understand our goals anyway.

Bonnie Weinstein is a beautiful and educated woman of class and substance. She would not accept your advances in any case and is so far above your gutter mentality as to obviate any contact.

I believe you mentioning Christ is the most egregious blasphemy possible. I would be careful about using sacred names if I were you.

Please extend my heartfelt sorrow to your family for having to even be around you.

And as for paying you, all you can expect is the standard thirty pieces of silver normally paid to the Judas’s of the world.

Rick Baker
Capt.USAF (Ret)
MRFF Volunteer

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1 Comment

  1. Connie

    As I read this author and the hate spewed I wonder at what drives them. What makes them so afraid that they lash out like this? The only thing I can compare the above letter to is a cornered animal that feels trapped and doomed.

    As much hate as this person spews (and they were liberal in their application of ick) I see beyond that into their soul. Whatever hurt them this much, I hope they can get healed and rid of it. I hope their eyes are opened to the light of day and they ask forgiveness for all they’ve done in the name of fear. I hope they continue to live a life worth living and hate no more.

    Reality is it’s total fiction of course, but a girl can hope. Grins.

    Thank you for being the front lines in the fight to restore order within the military.

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