Deport Mikey Wiensteen NOW!

And deport all other athiest jews in America. Athiest jews are servents of satan. They do not deserve America. Mikey weinsteen does not deserve life any place but espcialy in the USA. He is THE leader of all which is wrong in America and all who fight Jesus Christ which is the only true God in the universe. Weinsteen will destroy our military and the whole country if he is not deported. Send him to Cuba which niger Obummer loves so much. Or send him and all the other athiests to North Korea to rot and starve.

(name withheld)


Dear (name withheld) –
Greetings.  Perhaps you will feel more hopeful if you consult the following sites:






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  1. Jim

    Deport Jews to cleanse the country of their wicked presence. Now where have I heard that proposal before? Think, think, think. Bingo! I know: Germany of the 1930s, those halcyon years for fascists and anti-Semites. Hate never had it so good. But then it all went down the crapper. Shucks. What an obummer.

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