Military religious freedom

Please tell “Mikey” Weinstein that he and his organization are nothing more than whores for the liberal, atheist whores in Democratic Party! Change your organization’s name to Military Religious Intolerance Foundation and do it quickly!
(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),
I told Mikey that by your estimation we are all atheist whores, liberal whores, and whoring whores of whoredom in general.  After much laborious deliberation, truly hours of angst ridden, hand wringing, contentious debate, we have made the decision to reject your proposal as a longtime donor to our organization member of our advisory board trusted friend prattling specimen of the now endangered species of Fox propaganda regurgitators to change our name.  We will continue to identify ourselves with a name which reflects our mission to defend the freedom of all servicemembers, regardless of whether they agree with your religious preference.
Blake A. Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of US Army Affairs

Hey Freedom Watcher,

How are you?

Judging from the content of your message, I’d say you’re not doing too well. It appears you’re suffering from a severe case of anal/cranial fixation. We see a lot of that in messages from friends of yours. Makes it very hard to hear. Hard to think, too.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


Dear Sir or Madam —

Mikey has read your email and shared it with me, asking if I’d be interested in replying to your note.  Normally, I don’t waste time with people who appear to be most interested in being nasty and seem disinterested in intelligent discourse.  But I’ve got some time today, so I’ll reply to you anyway.
You would do yourself a great service if you would learn more about the issues of Constitutional protections and Religious Freedom in the military.  If you do, you will quickly see that every military member is entitled to those protections and that freedom…. and that means just what it says — every military member of every religious belief (including non-belief).  Seems to me that over the past 30 or so years, some Christians in America have begun increasingly to believe that their particular beliefs should be given prominence and preference over all other beliefs.  It baffles me as to why anyone would think such a thing — my guess is that those individuals don’t know what the US Constitution says and have not read much about what our founding generation had to say about religious freedom in America.
Your assumptions about MRFF and about the good, honorable people who support its efforts are as wrong as they are insulting.
MRFF is not anti-religion… we are pro-Constitution.  If you want to see what an anti-religious, intolerant organization looks like, I suggest you turn your gaze to groups like the Liberty Institute, ACLJ, or FRC.  There you will find groups that claim to be pro-religious freedom, but peel back the veneer and you will find they are really only pro-Christian… and in some cases, looking to push their particular religious beliefs further into our governmental, educational, and military institutions.  Frankly, I have no issue with a group being pro-Christian, but I do take exception when they suggest that they are something else.  You won’t find that sort of subterfuge at MRFF.  Our mission is transparent and easily understood — we focus on the defense of all military members of all religious beliefs (again, including those honorable military members with no religious belief at all).  So in my view, that makes MRFF one of the most pro-religious freedom groups in the country.
Before I close, I should probably mention that I am neither a whore, atheist, liberal, or Democrat… nor am I intolerant.  Rather, I am a lifelong, committed and active Christian, a graduate of the USAF Academy, and a former Air Force officer.  I support MRFF because I understand that the religious freedom of military members of all conceivable beliefs must be protected, or everyone risks losing religious freedom (including Christians).
Mike Challman
Christian, AF veteran, MRFF supporter

 Dear (name withheld),
I can’t tell you how sorry I am for you and your inability to understand straight forward truth.It appears that you, like many millions of others, have let religion and it’s many false premises infest your very being.MRFF is not intolerant of religion, we are intolerant of those who use religion for personal power and gain.I’m afraid that it you who is the whore since you have chosen to sell yourself to the purveyors of deadly religious belief.

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (Ret)
MRFF Volunteer

Dear Freedom? Watcher,It seems to me that the most intolerant person in this correspondence is not Mr. Weinstein but you!

You fit the intolerant conservative mold to a Tee. Overbearing, accusative, insulting, inconsiderate, and, needless to say, ill informed and judgmental.

Whores only sell their bodies for money. Ultra-conservatives such as yourself sell their souls for the chance to destroy an honest and moderate Liberal thinker.

It is with genuine disgust that I write this to you with the faint hope that you will reexamine your  position and try to rejoin the world of kind and considerate humans who
discuss their differences in a gentlemanly way.

Rick Baker
Capt (Ret) USAF
MRFF Volunteer

Dear Richard,
I’ll stand by my comment! Progressive Liberalism is a “disease” that is in dire need of a permanent cure! Weinstein’s “piece” was BS!
Now go back to your Commune or “cell” and deliberate what conservatives will do next!
(name withheld)

(name withheld),

Needless to say I’m disappointed in your reply.

Your political stance contains all the inhuman facets typical of the Nazi Party. It becomes easier now to see why nearly an entire world population combined forces to defeat Hitler and the Nazi order.

I am hoping you will re-examine your far right political stance and understand that the world must head toward a moderate climate of government. Anything less than across the board fairness, racial and sexual equality, political parity and   equal opportunity won’t cut it.


Cut the crap, Richard! What you liberals want is total capitulation by “Conservatives” to YOUR WAY OF THINKING! And by the way, Hitler was a son of a bitch and he also “believed” in Jesus Christ! To equate “Republicans/Conservatives” with Adolf Hitler is akin to saying that Democrats were against slavery! And that statement right there tells me all I need to know about you! You’re brainwashed and probably brain dead from the crap you listen to on MSNBC and the other far left media sights, including Facebook and Twitter! You would like to think that Liberals are taking the “moral high ground” when in fact you’re taking the road to Hell! I can only speak for myself and as long as Democrats/Liberals/Progressive Liberals or whatever you want to call yourselves continue to try to tell me how to live and try to control me by telling my belief system is all wrong, then you’re wasting your breath!

There was once a time when I was a Democrat. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and remember Truman and JFK and what they stood for and what they tried to do. But then came the mid-60’s and Vietnam (I was sent there twice in 1969 and 1970) and saw what Johnson and Nixon did first hand. I even voted for Carter in ’76, but then I woke up! Democrats don’t want a strong America! They want us to be “equal” and bow to the will of the U.N. and “play nice” with the rest of the world! That’s all well and good, but as you can see now, that’s not working too well! It’s not that we’re a weak country; it’s because we have very weak leaders, especially in the White House. The world is a much safer place with a strong United States of America that’s willing to take a stance and do what’s right and if that means taking military action against those who would destroy us and the rest of the world, then so be it!

You’ll get a “moderate Government” WHEN you liberals decide to rejoin the rest of us and stop with your “everyone has to be equal” shit! We’re individuals; we’re endowed with the ability to think for ourselves and do what we think is right for ourselves and the ones we love. I don’t give a damn if your black, white, green or purple with yellow polka dots; I also don’t care what religion you are or what your sexual orientation is! Just don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t believe or how I feel about things that I think are totally against the laws of nature!
(name withheld)

(name withheld),

I’m not nearly as far left as you would place me. I’m a confirmed Capitalist and believe in earning my money rather than being on a list of poor and non-productive people.

Where I differ from the conservatives is in their general gender discrimination and still active racial discrimination.

Conservatives are commonly very judgmental and judge people on their weaknesses.

Don’t forget Hitler and his sort were on the far right along with Mussolini, Tito and Franco.

Also I don’t believe equality is passed out like the soup kitchen.  Equality must be earned but I believe unbiased bilateral opportunity must also exist  and fair judgement applied.


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