MRFF & AHA join forces in court vs. unconstitutional Bladensburg “Peace Cross”

Published On: May 7, 2015|Categories: News|4 Comments|

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BACKGROUND: 2/26/15 – Why We Sued Bladensburg, MD Over a 40-Foot Cross

When the government erects an exclusively Christian monument on government property, it violates this central command of the Establishment Clause by sending a clear message that Christianity is the preferred religion over all others. When the religious monument is dedicated to fallen soldiers, it sends an even more egregious message that only Christian soldiers are worth memorializing. Non-Christian soldiers such as atheists and humanists are inherently excluded.

Such is the case with a cross in Bladensburg, Maryland, commonly known as the “Peace Cross,” which stands forty-feet high on a government-owned median between roadways. In addition to the obvious sectarian nature of the Latin cross, the Bladensburg cross was also erected with religious motives. Read more



Revised Bladensburg MOL SJ (as filed)-1



Microsoft Word - MRFF_CourtDoc (final).docx


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  1. Yeshua Warrior May 8, 2015 at 7:20 am

    That cross was erected in 1918 and just now it is unconstitutional? This is just another attempt by atheists and agnostics to remove God from our society and our nation. If this is unconstitutional because it is on government land, then logically all the crosses erected on graves in Arlington National Cemetery is also unconstitutional because it is on government land as well. When will you sue the government to have those crosses removed? I believe that the cross is offensive to many, but what if I were to say, which I do not believe, but just for the sake of argument that the Star of David is offensive to me and I want all those removed from Arlington Cemetery, immediately I would be called anti-Semitic! Is not the Star of David also considered a profession of one’s faith and religion? Yet, that is okay to many, because we want to wipe God and Christianity from our nation. Now, following the same logic as above, we will also need to remove every handmade cross that may sit on every intersection or along every highway that has been erected by grieving parents to mark where their beloved son or daughter died in a car accident, because is it not on government whether federal or state that those hand made crosses are erected upon, yet heaven forbid that we do not mess with a grieving parent whose child has been killed on some street intersection or on some battlefield who now lies interned at Arlington Cemetery! If the cross is a problem to you then erect a Star of David also to memorialize the Jews who died in war and devil horns and pitchfork for those atheists and agnostics who died in battle!

  2. wolvenwood May 9, 2015 at 5:58 am

    Yeshua Warrior: I don’t get the feeling that you understand separation of church and state. The govt cannot be seen to favor one religion over another. You can have govt space that allows all religions to be represented or none at all but you can’t allow only one type of religion. This is why Arlington Cemetery is legal, it allows everyone from any religion to be represented by their chosen religious symbol on their grave. Our country has worked just fine until now, using this yardstick. But now, people like you want to make our FREE country a Christian theocracy and that goes against our constitution and the spirit of our freedom in America. Theocracies never work, they are always fraught with strife. You simply can’t tell people who to worship or what to think or give them one moral code to follow – it doesn’t produce a peaceful society.
    Lastly, no one is trying to wipe God from our country, we simply don’t want to be forced to obey a religion which is not our own. We want to be free to practice our own religion, just as you do yours. Christians are not being persecuted but they are persecuting others. Several years ago, several Christians tried to burn down our house with us in it. Yes, that is MURDER. They did this because someone had told them we are devil worshippers, which we aren’t but in a small town, rumors die hard. If you want to be free to practice your religion, DON’T GO AROUND MURDERING PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU THINK ARE DEVIL WORSHIPPERS. This happens alot to people in the South who aren’t Southern Baptist. We’ve never harmed anyone in this town, yet we were almost murdered because people didn’t think we were Christian. There is no freedom of religion here for us, yet we pay our taxes, do our best to contribute positive things to our country and my husband is even a vet. Now people here have shunned us and that’s how we live. I couldn’t get a vet up to the house for my sick horse and he died.
    I have yet to hear of one Christian being treated like this.

    We don’t need to put God back in our govt as he was never there in the first place and that is how the founders intended it, most were not Christian, they were deists, agostics, etc. David Barton has lied about this and provides no evidence yet he is believed by many Christians.

  3. John Dilling May 19, 2015 at 12:27 am

    What a waste of a life to spend time trying to eradicate a religion that serves as a moral compass to so many…So you succeed and wipe out Christianity in the military and across the USA. It will be replaced by what? The State? The people of the country are being degraded into animalistic simpletons…and you helped in the degradation…Good job! YOU PEOPLE ARE WASTING YOUR LIVES! PICK ANOTHER CAUSE…LIKE MAYBE ROOTING OUT REAL EVIL IN THIS WORLD…BUT THAT WOULD BE MORE DIFFICULT. DESTROYING CHRISTIANITY IS EASY BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER A THREAT…FOOLS. CHRISTIANITY HELPED MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT.

  4. G September 25, 2015 at 5:43 pm

    In the book Marine, The Life of Chesty Puller, the Marines were upset that a UN flag was flying over the graves of American soldiers because there were no other UN soldiers buried in that cemetery. USMC General Puller told his superiors that unless the UN flag was take down, his men would take physical action. The UN flag was haul down and an American flag was flown over the cemetery. Funny how Americans get so upset the tables are turn on them.

    If people in this country are being turn into animals, you can blame the law of jungle by wealthy 1%, corporations, the Republican Party, and the Tea Baggers. I don’t recall Christians eliminating child labor in this country until 1933. I don’t recall Christians eliminating slavery until it took a Civil War to get rid of it. I don’ recall Christians supporting workers’ rights and unions rights for the last 35 years. I don’t recall Christians supporting free education, free health care and not preventing the manufacturing jobs from going overseas.

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