Hey Mikey!!!


(name withheld)


Hey Mark Trail,
How’s that tin foil hat fit?  Keeping those aliens from reading your whacked out delusional thoughts?
And btw, I love how you used all caps in your little love note.  I can just see the foam frothing at your mouth.
Blake A. Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of US Army Affairs

Go fuck yourself you filthy liberal fuck!
(name withheld)

Rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble!  Don’t soil yourself buddy
Blake Page

 You only talk shit over email because face to face you know I would fuck your stupid liberal ass up.
(name withheld)

auto correct error in that last one, first line should say “admired people…”
Blake Page

I’m so glad you fucking liberals have nothing better to do than email me, you really are fucking comical.
(name withheld)

It’s my day off. Writing brief responses to apoplectic detractors is somewhat entertaining. Not exactly a strain for me to put a few words together for you.
Blake Page

Maybe you should look into a real job, instead of trying to fuck up my country.
(name withheld)

Haha. I’m a volunteer with MRFF. I just do it for the love of my country and to prevent people like you from fucking it up
Blake Page

Wow, so you spend your free time fucking up this country I served….I hope your kids get Luekemia and die.
(name withheld)

That’d be pretty damn difficult, seeing as how I haven’t got any kids. You seem to have some anger issues. Have you considered talking with someone about your problems?
Blake Page

Fuck you, I hope your mom gets raped and mirdered them.
(name withheld)

Damn man, you’re striking out everywhere today. My mom’s already dead. I’m sure Jesus is proud of the hateful way you represent him. 🙂
Blake Page

Well then I hope your boyfriend give you AIDS.
(name withheld)

You’ve got so much class and tact.  I’m sure your pastor would be proud 🙂
Blake Page

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  1. MikeyNeedsJob

    If you are looking to help people and truly make a different, please look around. There are many people who need food, clothing, shelter, and someone to talk to here in this country.

    A humanitarian gift of you time in those areas would better serve this country.

    All the best.

  2. Bub ba

    What the frigg am I reading??? If you don’t like that AMERICA was founded by our GOD fearing fore-fathers, Fought with the blood and guts of determined TRUE AMERICANS, Then you need to politely go back to whatever country you can align yourself with , and then go FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!! I WILL NOT SPILL MY BLOOD OR THE BLOOD OF MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS FOR YOUR SORRY ASS, LETS HIDE BEHIND THE CONSTITUTION, AND CLAIM THE MILITARY IS NOT HERE FOR YOU… KISS MY RED, WHITE, AND BLUE TRUE ASS YOU COMMIE FUCK!!!! I Pray that Judgement day you will be a burnt tater-tot…. SSG. Gross, US ARMY…

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