Decision Magazine – you’re a “a relentless foe of Christianity”

Ironically the headline is correct.  Faith in the military is under attack – from the chaplains and commanders!


I expect people outside my faith to be confused about our mission which is not now, nor has it ever been to transform our community, culture or country. It is simply to present the gospel to individuals and disciple those who hear and believe – one at a time.  But when people, especially teachers and pastors forget the clear direction we have been given, I am confused.


Why is this so hard?  I choose for myself.  You choose for yourself, and the Constitution was designed to protect us both so that we can learn, work, and live together in a community.  When we alter the rules for the military unit, we attack the very core value of that community.


How does that serve our country or our military!  Our republic may thrive when we citizens debate issues, but there can be no debate about orders in a military unit.  We need the troops to immediately respond to orders as the troops on Normandy Beach did to Brig. General Norman Coda.  He told them to get off the beach and move inland NOW.  His leadership and their obedience saved them, and they saved France.


God bless you and MRFF and the work you do.


(name withheld)

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