you Cant fight God


Mr. Whinestien and all of the MRRF evilersMy wife and I have 2 sons in the service and we read the story of you in The Blazes on the about how you want to declare war on all the Christian chaplins. For hating the gays for there disgusting non biblical corruptions. Get this. if your a faggit you belong in hell. If your a faggit lover then the same. The bible makes it clear.Oh you seem to be fine with your jew-kin and raghead chaplains tho. You and the MRRF only attack chaplins of Christ.
Well we have a good message from the Lord Jesus Christ for you Mr. Whinestien.
Same for your whores wife and hellbait children of wickedness.
Same for you demon followers at the MRRF.

May the Son of God curse them all to have their eyes pecked out by demons in hell. May you be cursed to suffer there never ending screams of righteous pain.
Mr. jew read the bible.
There is only ONE way to salvation. And only 1 true religion and one savior here to give it as a free gift. His blood shed makes us pure.
There is only 1 county which is the most pure and precious to Jesus and that is the USA.
Our soldiers are soldiers for Christ. No separation of Jesus and state in the constitutions.

We dont need no queers or jewboys and sand niggers to bring down are once proud red white and blue.
The Christian chaplin is right you are todays king harrod.
But actually no.

You are the antichrist for all to see. You fool noone anymore jew demon.
You will soon be tossed to the Lake of Fire to burn for all eternity. Youll have company with all your fag jew and camel jockee buddies.
We plan on enjoying your howls all the way in heaven.

Stars and bars forever!
For the Glory of Christ!
BURN Mickey and demon family for time imemorial


(name withheld), baby!

Though I assume it’s a fake, Team Dixee (sic) 1860 is a great address for you to advertise. It’s fitting to see you admit that your brain, such as it is, is stuck in 150-year-old thinking.

Though I had to dig through the trove of misspellings and tortured syntax your facially heretical message contains to find it, the one thing you mention in your puerile outpourings that stands out is your claim that “there is only ONE way to salvation” (emphasis yours).

The idea that this ignorant, antisemitic, homophobic, xenophobic tripe could come from someone who believes he is not only saved but made “pure” by the shed blood of Jesus would be howlingly funny if it wasn’t so utterly pathetic.

Please write again: I always enjoy a good laugh.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


I understand that in the New Testament Jesus offers salvation as a free gift.  According to the New Testament, Jesus did that by dying for mankind, by allowing the spilling of his blood. I understand that in the New Testament  Jesus  gave his blood by dying for mankind so that mankind gets the free gifts of salvation and purity.   I do not get what you are saying about ” His blood shed makes us pure.”
Are you saying is that we human beings can be  pure if  some of us choose to kill for Christ?
Where in the New Testament has Jesus actually  killed others by shedding  their blood to make us pure?
What do you mean by “you Cant fight God?”
Please explain what you said “His blood shed makes us pure?


(name withheld)



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  1. Mark Sebree

    So, that is how you want to be treated? Lied about, cursed, called names, shown intolerance and bigotry? Apparently, you are not familiar with one of the best known quotes of your Jesus, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    The Blaze is a far right wing “news” source, and is not known for its accuracy or honesty, as is evidenced by the article that you mentioned.

    Mikey and the people of the MRFF are going good by working to protect the religious rights of our service men and women from superiors with attitudes like yours. Those who do not respect the rights and beliefs of others, and want to use their power to impose their religious beliefs onto their subordinates and punish those that do not kowtow to the superior’s beliefs.

    The have helped over 42,000 service members since they were founded, and about 95% of those that they have help were Christians. Think about that. If the MRFF is “anti-Christian, then why are the overwhelming majority of their clients Christians?

    Mikey has only spoken out against a subset of Chaplains, and not exclusively Christian ones. The chaplains that he has spoken against are the ones that promote discrimination and homophobia with in the ranks, reducing unit cohesion and undermining the chain of command. The reason that it seem that most of the chaplains that he is speaking against are Christian is because most of the chaplains in the military are Christian and most that engage in such behavior are far right, evangelical, fundamentalist, dominionistic in their beliefs. They have no tolerance for those of other beliefs, and seek to impose their beliefs onto others.

    Note that most Chaplains in the military, including most (I hope) Christian chaplains, are not like that. However, enough are to cause significant problems.

    Our soldiers are NOT “soldiers for Christ”. We are not a christian nation, and there are no religious requirements attached to being a member of the armed forces. Our service members are soldiers, sailors, and airmen/women for the United States of America. They belong to virtually every belief system, and none at all. And they all have the same rights to believe as they wish, and follow whatever belief system they wish, including none at all. And NOBODY has the right to impose their beliefs onto others and force others to follow their beliefs.

    My person opinion is that your antichrist figure is more likely to come from the far right religious affiliation, and use that religion to justify the forced conversion and suppression of all other beliefs, setting up a theocracy to destroy the USA and freedom. That rather leaves Mikey and the MRFF out of his allies list since they work against such goals.

    It is people like you who drive people away from Christianity. They see your intolerance, irrationality, ignorance, bigotry, and senseless anger, and want nothing to so with it. They see how you treat others, and decide that they do not want anything to do with it because they have what you lack, compassion and empathy.

  2. Windy

    Amazing, all the various gods I’ve met in the past were cordial, civil, loving and friendly.
    It is sadly pathetic what ‘true believers’ like ‘Stars and bars forever’ can do to a perfectly rational (as far as any religion goes) religion.
    I don’t know, perhaps when he was writing his email he was being a star in a bar.

    (If you should decide to post this (what can I say, written at 430A Pacific time) I’d prefer that you used my ‘net pseudo, Windrider, rather than Windy.)
    I’m hoping to meet & chat with you all or most of you during my vacation next month. It’s long past time for me to get on the road again. See you soon.

  3. Jim

    Oh, this is a put-on. A parody. A trick. King harrod? Jew demon? Not even troglodytes believe this.

  4. Joe

    Dude you’re a nob polisher that’s why you hate fags 11 bravo here so understand when I say what I’m about to say it’s real and I know what it means I hop you end up in a hot A.O. and I hope you narrow minded bigoted ass get fucking pink misted or some from your own unit smokes your hateful unamerican ass. You run mouth pretty big you want my address I will introduce you to my hogs mother I give you my address and we can go for a walk. Your God is a fag you are e a closet fag and your scared you mom and dad will find out you are not allowed to judge anyone ya fuck’en sinner only God has that right and he already knows your a fag and love Jewish food and dick now how you gonna act my little nob polisher. PS. God killed more people and handed out more abortions and watched more child porn mary was 12 years old then any creature in history of existence you’re God also killed more people by far wiped out an entire race so you know HAIL SATAN MOTHER FUCKER YOU ARE ATE THE FUCK UP! SHIT BIRD LOSER I’m a Lucifarian and your God is a thief and a liar end line.

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