MCB Hawaii Commander’s Decision


I have to say that although I am disappointed in the decision, I can not say that I am surprised by Col Killeen’s inaction on moving or taking down the sign. If other signs are not allowed to be erected, it will only serve to highlight the hypocrisy of leaders favoring Christianity over other religions or alternate beliefs within the military. Even though I do not share in the same beliefs that the current sign portrays, I do not take issue with the sign being located on the base in place where everyone has an equal voice. That being said, on the side of a main road leading to the flightline is not that location. The military – serving as a direct extension and representation of our secular government – is not in a position to take sides on this debate and should remove or relocate the sign in the name of neutrality. Our job is to serve the United States and uphold the Constitution, not make policy, even when it goes against personal beliefs.

On another note, you might not be aware that next weekend, Oct 17th and 18th, MCBH is hosting an airshow with an estimated 110,000 visitors in attendance. This sign is placed along one of the main roads that many people will pass by on the way to the viewing areas and exhibits. This would be a good weekend to allow others to erect their own signs showing how Baphomet, Osiris, Odin and Vishnu also support the U.S. military; Col Killeen may be inclined to allow it in the name of impartiality. (But again, I doubt it)

Thank you again for taking a stand on this, I have seen many good Marines leave the military due to others having disagreements with their beliefs. We should strive to be an institution where everyone is included and treated equally regardless of their background.

Semper Fi,

(name withheld)

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