VIDEO – “Halt!” SHOCKING: Gov’t-paid missionaries in the U.S. Military

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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    And your point is??? I work for a for profit university and yet I can share my faith with my co-workers if the opportunity arises while I am on the job getting paid for what I do. School teachers are local govt paid missionaries who can share their faith with their fellow teachers and students if the student asks the question.

    It is not that shocking when Jesus gave us the Great Commission to in our goings make disciples of all nations, but He never added a but to that saying only when the government allows you to!

  2. Carmine Wiggins

    The point is Yeshua – these troops are being FORCED/subjugated to participate in religious events or face the wrath of there leadership. Just the plain audacity of that Maj saying the troops who are tired or hungry are most ripe to evangelical proselytizing is criminal manipulation.

    The good news now is our troops only need to contact the MRFF to get help.

  3. Connie

    Yeshua Warrior,

    Who was it who said Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasars…. Hmmm…. It’s on the tip of my tongue. /snark

    The evidence you don’t read your own holy book is piling high.

    So – you asked a while back what I mean about sharing. I, as a Pagan – not a Satanist, have the same right to exist as you do. If you and your fellow religious bullies were in charge I would have to leave as you would put me and mine to death. That is what I mean about sharing. Oh, before you say all I would have to do is accept your faith to avoid death, well, I’d rather die first. As the shield maiden for a warrior of Thor I will most likely take a few of you with me. Servants are needed in Valhalla after all.

    Please go back and actually read your book and discover exactly what Jesus did and did not say.

  4. Yeshua Warrior

    Dear Carmine,

    First of all not ALL troops are forced or subjugated to attend religious events so let’s cut out the blowing out of proportion here ok!!

    Secondly, that major you mentioned was Chaplain Major Jeff Struecker and to show how old those videos are, he retired from the service in 2011. Before he was Major Struecker, he as SSGT, Struecker who was an Army Ranger who fought in Panama, and is best kown for what he did in Somalia, maybe you have seen the movie Blackhawk Down, well I encourage you to watch it again and listen for his name, he led a convoy through heavy fire back to base. He was also in Operation Desert Storm and served in Afghanistan. Here are some of his commendations – Throughout his career Jeff has attended numerous professional military schools and has received many awards and commendations. Some of his awards include the Ranger Tab, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Pathfinder Badge, Master Parachutists Wings, Military Freefall Master Parachutist Wings, several foreign jump wings and the Combat Action Badge. He has been awarded other commendations and decorations throughout his military career. In 2000 he ended his enlisted career, went to seminary and came back as a chaplain, he now holds an earned Doctor of Philosophy, is the senior pastor of a church now in GA, has written five award winning books, is married with 5 children. So, before you go spouting off about a fellow Christian and a highly decorated soldier who was willing to put his life on the line just so you can open your big trap, check the background of a soldier before you malign him or her ok!! At least while a chaplain he de-populated hell of some fellow soldiers heading that way!!!

  5. Yeshua Warrior

    Dear Connie,

    I have read the bible more times that you have in my lifetime, and why you are pulling one verse out of context when we are talking about “govt paid missionaries” behooves me. When you speak about the bible your biblical illiteracy shows itself. To understand what one passage of scripture is saying you need to look at it in it’s whole context. The issue of rendering under Caesar refers to a trap the Jewish religious leaders were trying to get Jesus to fall into by how he would respond. They have him look at a Roman denarius coin with the image of Caesear Tiberius on it and to see what Jesus would said concerning should they pay the Roman tribute tax at the time, and what was Jesus’s reply, give to Caesar what is his and give to God what is God’s. Yes, hundreds of thousands of Christians have taxes taken out of their paycheck to render unto Caeser (federal govt) what belongs to them, but Christians are to give to God their “first fruits” of the money they have earned to God as an offering in thanksgiving for the jobs that God has provided for them.

    Regarding sharing, I have never said that you do not have a right to exist Connie, now would any Christian take away your right to exist. No Christian executes someone if they do not desire to accept Christ as their Savior.

    Finally, I have to snicker at your self imposed title of “shield maiden for the warrior Thor.” Do you even realize Connie that Thor comes from mythology, hence, he is a myth, he does not exist at all and never did!! Thor is just something that is part of the Avengers movies! Whereas, Jesus lived and walked on this planet for 3 years, was crucified on a cross,(Roman torture), was buried, rose again from the grave and then spend time with his disciples for 40 days before taken up unto heaven, and over 500 people saw him at the same time, thus he was no figment of someones imagination like Thor is! And Jesus will be coming back again to earth to establish his earthly kingdom for 1000 years and everyone , you and me included will have to bow our knee to Him as our King, Lord, and Savior! Imagine that, a Jew will rule the world some day! Boy that will really piss off the KKK and Muslims!

  6. Connie

    Yeshua Warrior,

    I’ve never said your religion and faith are based on a myth yet you feel the constant need to define mine as such.

    You mask yourself as kind but you are a mean and cruel person without a shred of empathy for anyone but yourself.

    As you treat the least of me…. We all know how you treat anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as you do. As for my title – I earned it not that I owe you an explanation. Snigger. Yep. Mean.

  7. G

    Yeshua Warrior, you need to shut your big fat trap! Just because a person like Chaplain Major Jeff Struecker wins all those military awards, attend the various military schools, and got an officer commission doesn’t him blanked immunity for what he is trying to do in trying to force religion on a person(s) and/or organizations(s). I suppose you would defend Strueker if he had committed rape or adultery while he was in the military? Having a stellar record particularly a military record doesn’t cut it anymore when a person did something real bad that destroy all that he/she has done.

  8. Carmine Wiggins

    Yeshua (are you a child?) – I am also a highly decorated retired serviceman who was willing to put my life on the line just so you can open YOUR big trap as well. I served 20 years and not ONCE, I REPEAT NOT ONCE, was I ever subject to evangelical proselytizing!

    Now, we had a few religious zealots, but most of them kept to “their” followers and left other personnel alone. If they didn’t…we had our ways of dealing…;-\

    There were no prayers at Commanders Call, or any other “mandatory” formations. It was even rare for preachers to show up at a retirement. Our service members were well aware of where the line was drawn 99% of the time. Our personal beliefs are “checked” at the door…period!

    Our country was not founded on Christianity no matter how many times the religious right believes that it was. Also, in the 50’s & 60’s and some of the 70’s when people erroneously believed we were much better behaved as children (or adults for that matter) because there was “prayer” or “bible reading” in public schools (or church for that matter) are full of hooey! There was no internet to publish 80% of the crap we read today, but boy if there was, it would be VERY interesting to read.

    It’s way past time for people to grow-up and stop trying to blame (or try to fix) our problems on superstition.

  9. Yeshua Warrior


    So now you are comparing sharing ones faith to rape or adultery, really? And who said that he forced religion down anyone’s throat while a chaplain, were you there in his unit? Let’s have some documentation that he did as you say he did! Why don’t you contact him personally and ask him, he is the senior pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, in Columbus GA.

  10. Ruth Walker

    Since the chaplains have higher rank, there is tremendous pressure to submit to the proselytizing.

  11. Angela Schweig

    Yeshua Warrior, it’s quite a presumption to take that name to yourself. I have something to say about your snark about Thor being only a comic book characters. Norse belief in him well predates the Bronze Age oral “history” that became the Bible. Those “histories” are myths, too. There isn’t a shred of good historical scholarship that provides any concrete evidence for the existence of an itinerant rabbi named Jesus of Nazareth. So if Thor is a myth, then so is Jesus Christ. Let the Pagans have their myths without your holier-than-thou attitude, and I’m sure they’ll leave you to your Bronze Age myths.

  12. Yeshua Warrior

    Dear Angela,

    First of all, Norse belief is just that a belief with no documentation behind it! Secondly, your so called Bronze Age oral “history” that became the bible is wrong. The bible is not based upon oral history, the Old and New Testament were translated from thousands and thousands of ancient manuscripts written in both Hebrew and Greek that have been discovered over the years in the land of Israel and other countries. Third, the famous Jewish historian named Josephus who lived in the first century speaks of Jesus in his writings as well as the apostles. Fourth, how come there is an empty tomb in Jerusalem in a garden setting that is just adjacent to a hill called in scripture Golgotha or also known as Calvary on which He was crucified on. You know actually, there is more historical evidence for Jesus than there is of Julius Caesar! Let me ask you this, why would millions of Christians in the last 2000 years be so willing to give their life and die and become martyred for the cause of Christ if He were just a myth?? Even recently the 12 Syrian Christians who were beheaded because they would not recant their faith in Christ, kept shouting “Jesus” over and over until their heads came off. Even a child was beheaded because she refused to recant her faith in Christ. Would you be willing to die for Thor and give your life for him. Finally, here is something for you to read, it is other historical evidence for Jesus throughout the centuries –

  13. Connie

    Apparently my first reply to YW was too close to libel for the mods to allow it through. So be it.

    YW, I’ve never said your faith is the incorrect one but now you’ve said my faith is nothing but a comic book hero and a myth…. well… aren’t you just a special snowflake?

    What I’ve said, just as others have stated forever, in these United States of America we ALL have the right to worship as we choose so the government – those who represent all of us – must not be seen to promote one faith over another. I guess that concept is too hard for you YW because I’ve been saying the same thing (using different words but the message has not changed) for over three months.

    Why aren’t you listening YW?

    The argument I’ve had with YW is similar in my mind to the fight that MRFF does every day. To me the MRFF fights the deliberate ignorance and arrogance of people who believe they have the answer for everyone.

    The real answer is everyone has to find their own path, no matter where it takes them. People like YW insist their path is the ONLY TWUE path and we all must join them or die. Um, hasn’t humanity been doing this dance for a while, like over 2000 years?

    I’m glad the MRFF was able to help this client. I’m glad she has protections in place because I know first hand how ugly prejudice and bullying can be.

  14. Tom Hail

    This sickens me beyond anything else I have ever seen in the military. As a USAF officer, I cannot imagine subjecting any of my people to government sponsored proselytizing. This must stop now! Mikey, thanks for continuing to fight. You have my support.

  15. G

    So now you are comparing sharing ones faith to rape or adultery, really? And who said that he forced religion down anyone’s throat while a chaplain, were you there in his unit? Let’s have some documentation that he did as you say he did! Why don’t you contact him personally and ask him, he is the senior pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, in Columbus GA.”


    Do you have any documentation that the major did not forced religion down anyone’s throat? Why don’t you asks him since you know where he lives. You have not answer my question about whether the major knew about widespread of rape going on in the military for a long time. Whether it rape, adultery, or foreseeing religion, it is all about power over someone life, isn’t it?

  16. Paula

    This is absolutely, completely sickening! To think that one such incident occurs is beyond offensive, but that it is repeated over and over is horrific! This must stop right now, today, and never happen again. The men and women who have chosen to serve in the various branches of our military have enough to cope with without this nonsense being thrown at them day and night. HALT is right!

  17. Wzrd1

    I watched this scofflaw behavior build and build over the decades.
    On the positive side, a good chaplain can boost unit morale and address problems that commanders are unable or unwilling to address for all of the unit service members, not only the ones who attend the chaplain’s services.
    What happened over the years is taxpayer funded, anti-Constitutional behavior, ignoring of regulations, law and the Constitution. These days, if the service member is not an adherent to the faith of the chaplain, that chaplain may actually ignore the plight of that service member!
    That is something I personally observed in other units.
    I was fortunate in that one of these types of chaplains didn’t last long in my units, they would gradually be convinced to transfer to more fertile ground.
    Leaving us with chaplains that cared more for our men than conversion of faith in the men of the unit or in the host nation.
    One case in point, at division level, pork was ordered present in every meal, in every item, other than salad. When the brigade commander replied to the chaplain, when I broached the subject of Jews and Muslim service members not eating, the commander claimed religion was a choice and their not eating was their choice.
    The division replied in a similar vein.
    The chaplain then complained to the pentagon and a rapid 180 degree shift occurred, with alternate meals being provided.
    This was accomplished by a caring chaplain and a non-nonsense senior NCO mentioning the plight of a number of service members.
    This is what has to return to our military, obedience to the laws and Constitution of this nation.


    I don’t see anything wrong with getting men and women who may one day face death in their tour of duty to be prepared for it. And being prepared does not mean getting them mentally ready. There is no mental readiness for the after life which is Spiritual. So when Chaplin use the name of JESUS in prayers, teachings or otherwise they are preparing our sons and daughter to meet their Creator and hear Him say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” The Chaplin is not forcing anyone to become anything they don’t want to be. Just like our loving GOD, JESUS CHRIST does not force you to accept Him! The choice is always yours, you better just make darn sure it’s worth the gamble you take by not accepting Him versus accepting Him!
    Praise be unto the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST! May someone reading this be saved in His name!
    AMEN! and AMEN!

  19. In Imaginary Friends We Trust

    Hats off to the MRFF. Keep up the great work. It is much needed!

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