MILITARY.COM – Crusader Knight Sign Taken Down at Hawaii Army Base – Army spokesperson scandalously requests article removal

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  1. Connie

    Read the article. Should have stopped there but noooooo… I had to read some of the comments.

    Did you know following the law is considered politically correct? And the Knights Templar was a non religious group? And, and, and…

    The fear and stupid are handsomely represented in the comments on that site as they are here.

    I’m sorry, but did someone ban critical thinking skills? How about compassion or empathy? If I remember the words of Jesus he said what you do to the least of me you do to me as well. Why am I, a pagan, the one following these words while Christians who Loudly Proclaim Their Faith in the Public Square are not?

    For the Good of All and May it Harm None may the Light of Day shine deep into this issue.

  2. G

    Connie, it never ceases to amaze me how some of our best and brightest soldiers are so stupid and dumb.

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