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          Truth be told, this is more a commentary then a rant and I’ve been going on about this in my head for over a week and finally decided to write it out.
             I was raised Assembly of God, we went to church Sunday morning and night, Wednesday night’s and special events, I went to Christian school my entire life, and even went to Jimmy Swaggart Bible College for a semester. I know Christianity and what I see today with these Conservative assholes is not what I was taught. Christians give a damn about the homeless and those less fortunate, and they would welcome refugees in with open arms, why? Because that’s what Jesus would do. They wouldn’t let the threat of terrorism scare them because in Christian belief there God would take care of them and they don’t push fear, hatred and the bigotry you see in today’s Conservatives. The Conservative crackheads you see today, Trump, Carson, Cruz, Christie, hell anyone that claims Conservative following in the media, Fox news especially, claim to be Christian but push only a rhetoric of fear, hatred, and bigotry all in the name of their religion, THAT is not Christianity.
           We have preachers out there pushing sermons condoning the attacks on Paris as there God punishing the LGBT Community and Satanists? Really? You have Trump now making his own white supremacist group and all the others pushing their corrupt version, and they want to lead this Country? I think not, use your voice folks and tell them no, not in your damn lifetime. Our Founding Fathers would be pissed and that’s an understatement.
         I was raised Christian but I never agreed with it and I know today regardless my parents are proud of my accomplishments regardless of belief. Even mom said I never fit in with Christianity although she hoped I would. As a child my best friends were my cows and the animals that lived in the woods on our 40 acre farm in Big Lake, I communed with them every day and nature was my true sanctuary. Then at the age of 18 I found books on Paganism and realized that’s what I had always followed without realizing it and it was comfortable to me, I stayed quiet about my beliefs and practiced in my home on base housing in the Army until about 2002.
      I had already been in the Army about 12 years and that was the year I saw bigotry against non-Christians raising it’s ugly head. I was in the 701st MSB in Kitzingen, Germany and had been transferred from C Co. to B Co as they needed more NCO’s and my 1SG thought I would be able to help them so she sent me over.
        That first formation was crazy, the 1SG came out and said, “If you’re a Wiccan or a Satanist you will not practice your belief in my company area, but if you believe in the same bible I do, I’ll make sure you can go to church.” Really? That SOB just kicked me in the damn shin. I went straight to the training NCO and told her I wanted a list of every Soldier that had Druid, Wiccan, Pagan or Satanist in their file and I wanted it yesterday, she smiled and said oh hell. That’s when shit hit the fan and things started changing. I had one Soldier who told me the chaplain had called him a Satanist because he was a Wiccan. I went to the chaplain and found out how much of a bigot he really was which I would find out was actually quite common. The job of the chaplain by the way, regardless of their faith, is to ensure the spirituality of all Soldier’s is taken care of, if they can’t do it for whatever reason, they would find someone who could and many bases have Lay Leaders to fit those areas. I started our first Pagan group in Kitzingen, and went to our Col. and got approval to hold a Yule Ceremony on our airfield. After some arguing from the chaplain I also got Pagan breakfasts started once a month also open to the Military Community. The chaplain was also investigated by our BN XO for his bigotry.  I left Kitzingen Feb. of 2003 and came to FT. Lewis to the 29th Signal BN and remained quiet about my beliefs until we deployed to Iraq January of 04.
       We were in Balad, Iraq Jan 04-Jan 05 and that was where we started Desert Moon Grove a Pagan group for our Military Pagans. We had over 100 Military members and civilian contractors, we met nightly in my maintenance shop and drank coffee and discussed issues and did whatever needed to be done. I could write a book on all the bigotry and hatred thrown at us from our own Military members and chaplains even. I was with 29th SIG for our 2nd tour to Iraq, this time in Tal Afar Nov 05-Oct 06 and again we ran Desert Moon grove but this time was even worse. We had over 100 Military members again this tour, and even had Turkish Special Forces that came to our group and drank coffee and asked questions about our beliefs and no, they never judged us or questioned us and yes, wow, they were Muslim. They couldn’t understand how our own people hated us and all the bigotry shown to us by our own countrymen, and they explained they even have Pagans in Turkiye and they are accepted. That was a bad year, and again I could write a book.
       I had a tent we met in at the beginning, it was an Aid Station I ran during the day, and I ran our Pagan group at night, that was until I went on R and R. I came back from my leave and the tent was gone along with all our religious material that was in it, all packed away in our conex. Apparently, my E-7 wanted it for an office and I would be ok with that, but later I found out he was offered by the Company to build him an office with heat, AC etc but he turned it down because he just wanted to be an ass.  That was the beginning, we met in my trailer, all 30 of us, a few would come in, get coffee, and step outside so others could go in. Tully’s donated coffee to us 20 lbs when we first deployed and another 20 mid-tour, I will always endorse Tully’s to this day.  The 1sg found out we were still meeting and tried to intimidate me with the threat of an Article 15 which is a reduction in rank and pay taken out, I told him until he could help come up with a place for our belief to meet I would not turn away Soldier’s nothing came of it, he knew he was wrong. Never mind they held a Bible study in the same compound my tent had been in but that’s not discrimination is it….. At one point it got so bad my own BN Chaplain, a Christian mind you, threatened to take the BN to IG for an investigation into the harassment and discrimination we were going through. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, the SGM was belittling me in an E-5 board using our group as a situational question.
      We made it through the year, although a very angering event was the Pagan Soldier in Baghdad who died alone because when the chaplain saw Pagan on his dog-tags he stepped over him and went to the next Soldier who was a Christian. When the Layleader for the Pagan group there asked why he wasn’t notified the chaplain told him it wasn’t his concern, really??? So whose concern was it I must ask.
         I got out of the Army in 2010 as medically retired 6 months shy of my 20 years, since I had a break in service April 94 after Somalia to January 95 that time didn’t count towards active duty so I wound up 6 months shy to retirement. It was easy finding Pagan Troops when I was in, in fact when I wasn’t deployed I was sponsoring Pagan Soldier’s that were deployed and we had 16 different Pagan groups throughout the Middle East, Afghanistan and Korea in 2009 but good luck finding a Pagan Soldier now.
         In around 2010 the evangelical association flooded our chaplaincy corps with their minions to win souls not to take care of Soldiers which is their primary job. One chaplain actually went so far as to use his Infantry unit to pass out Bible’s translated into Pashtun, the language of the people, he was called on for it and reprimanded but it never made main-stream news, neither did the spiritual fitness test they tried to implement for awhile, if you failed you were kicked out of the Army seen as a suicide risk because you didn’t follow their belief. Imagine that, trying to make a Conservative Army, it’s not Christian for damn sure.
         These are just a few examples I have personally been through of how wonderful your non-Christian Conservatives can be if they gain control of this country, not a proud moment in history.  I don’t see a whole lot of optimism in the future with all the hatred and bigotry these people and organizations profess all In the name of a god and his son they don’t even follow. I will always stand as a Pagan.
           I’m neither Conservative nor a Liberal. I’m just an American Veteran with a family and a farm. I believe in war and killing only when necessary to protect family and Country. I believe in the 2nd amendment for hunting and protection. I believe in taking care of our homeless as my family has taken the time to help the homeless with clothes and money as we can afford and still do today if there’s a way to help them. I believe in helping our Veterans with issues as they arise as I myself am also helped by the VA, there are many issues but we need the right people to step in to fix the problems and the people in power now just don’t give a damn. I believe in women’s right to having control over what happens to her body, abortion should be a woman’s right to choose and should be an option when health is an issue or when a rape has occurred it should be her choice. I also support Planned Parenthood as they have many services our corrupt media don’t being up, only the negative. I believe anyone that harms, burns down, or destroys in the name of belief, is a terrorist and should be treated as such. I support the LGBT community and I have many friends that live in that lifestyle, they don’t affect me so why should I give a damn if they get married, it’s their right as Americans. The Refugees? Welcome them in with open arms, they’ve been through enough hell coming from a war-torn land and if they turn out to be a terrorist we will deal with them as we deal with all terrorists.
        That’s where I stand. If you feel like sharing this by all means do lets go viral, let these people know where they stand. Let the Conservative non-Christians know their bigotry, hated and fear mongering won’t be tolerated. They aren’t Christians because true Christians are loving, non-judgmental and tolerant and Christ would be ashamed of them. Let your voice be heard folks.
Happy Holidays and stay safe out there.
(name withheld)

infinitely so…many thx!!!!!!
Mikey Weinstein

outstanding and thank-you for everything you do, wish I had known about you in 02-06 when all this shit was going on.
(name withheld)

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    This is AWESOME, just awesome! I would love to see this published around the world.

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