“Sorry if my political posts offend you…” (with MRFF response)



(name of sender withheld)

Hello [withheld] – 

Sorry if the MRFF’s unrelenting defense of the US Constitution offends you… but then again, what is truly important has nothing to do with “feelings” — yours, mine, or anyone else’s.

The only things that matter to us are (1.) that the religious protections of the US Constitution are fully extended to ALL military members of ALL beliefs (including non-belief); and (2.) that the US military fulfills its obligations, under the Constitution and its own regulations, to maintain a strict position of neutrality with regard to sectarian religious beliefs.

You are right about one thing, though… silence is not an option for us when Constitutional liberties are threatened.


Mike Challman

Christian, USAF veteran, MRFF supporter



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1 Comment

  1. Connie

    Interesting line in the picture of the eagle. Silence is consent.

    As a person who reads your site regularly, who is familiar with the battle you do, and is aware of the hypocrisy of the theocrats trying to worm their way into power that line is telling.

    Several times in the comments or in the letters to MRFF & Mikey people will bring up the atrocities committed by D’aesh (no clue if I spelled that correct. I’m lucky my phone hasn’t autocorrected me into oblivion right now). Sharia law they exclaim with pearls clutched in their hands. People are being killed for sharia law!!!!!

    Ok I think – killing people because of faith is a bad thing. So why is it when Kevin Swanson calls for the death of gays there is no push back, why do I hear only crickets from these pearl clutching Xtians?

    Silence is indeed consent and if a person is ok with killing a gay or left handed person because they were born that way then I see no difference from them and D’aesh.

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