AFA Falcons Prayer

Hi Mikey: Sadly, I saw your recent email about the AFA football team resorting to ostentatious group prayer on the field and in public.
To state the obvious, a football game is just that — a game.  It’s a sporting event.  Entertainment for the masses.
If we take our religious beliefs seriously, I believe we demean them by making them part of an ostentatious display at a game.
A football game is just that.  It shouldn’t be confused with a revival meeting.
Of course, I completely agree with the retired general about Constitutional irregularities and the other points about bad optics and so on.  I have nothing to add there.
Being a Christian, in my understanding of the faith, means being humble.  It also means approaching God with a certain amount of fear and trembling.  But these cadets, it seems to me, are not humbling themselves.  They are very publicly asserting their faith in a climate where they know it will win applause.   And that act of easy piety is just wrong.
Please don’t use my name.  I have enough problems.
Best wishes,
(name withheld)

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  1. Dean Wilkins

    As someone who used to complain about Tim Tebow’s prayer-on-the-sidelines antics as making the Broncos, their fans, and the entire state of Colorado complicit in condoning his behavior and supporting Christianity over other faiths, I am appalled to see the same thing happening on game day at USAFA. Clearly a “separation clause” issue as a reflection of USAFA, the U.S. Air Force, and the government in general.
    A noted ecumenical Christian minister has lumped these public displays of piety under the rubric of “taking the name of the Lord in vain” (as in vanity). I like that interpretation.

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