Hmm. sounds like the Roman Catholic and Mainline Protestant denominations to me!


(name withheld)


I honestly don’t care what “it sounds like” to you, Bob. You are a nasty man who doesn’t show any sign of God’s love and grace in your communications.

This email is a perfect example – you seem almost giddy as you paint entire groups of people with your bigoted and uninformed opinion.

If you worshiped the same God that I do, you would know that He will judge us as individuals, and not based on any group affiliation.



The Roman Catholic Church is a church full of idolatry from the worship and adoration of the Virgin Mary who was born a sinner and needed the salvation of her own son like the rest of all mankind to the veneration of saints to the worship of the Pope who is supposedly the vicar of Christ. I just love the hypocrisy of MRFF who all get bent out of shape at some Air Force cadet football players praying on the field and saying they are just trying to show their piety, yet your own pope wears of that regalia and flowing robes. You don’t see pastors wearing so much regalia to bring attention to themselves. Good grief, my pastor wears every Sunday jeans, a dress shirt not tucked in and dress shoes.


Mainline Protestant churches have gone the way of apostasy as many now do not believe in the inerrancy of scripture, allow gay people to be clergy and ordained, promote the boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel.


Just to remind you, Christ did judge churches as well as individuals in Revelation. Scripture also says that judgment begins at the house of God.


Regarding showing God’s love and grace, yes there are times when I do, a lot when I am at work, at the grocery store, etc., but when it comes to organizations like MRFF and FFRF where they want to remove religious freedoms from this country and blatantly anti-Christian and anti-religion all together, I am going to come down hard with the justice of God.

 (name withheld)


Good morning  (name withheld)-

So much rationalization, so much justification… yet these are the only ones that seem to me to contain a sliver of sincerity:

“Regarding showing God’s love and grace, yes there are times when I do, a lot when I am at work, at the grocery store, etc.”
You are wrong to think that it’s okay only to share God’s love and grace with those whom you deem deserving of it.
God’s love and grace are to be shown to everyone at all times by those of us who claim to be followers of Christ.
You, and others like you, make precisely the same mistake in how you view the protections of the US Constitution — you wrongly think that those rights should only apply to those who hold beliefs with which you agree.
The Constitutional rights of all US military members, even those with whom you disagree, are to be respected and protected at all times.
I understand that you don’t get that, which is why the continued mission of the MRFF is so important.
Now I’m off to Church on this chilly Sunday morning; I will pray for you.




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