4/28/16 MILITARY.COM – MRFF Assails ‘Prayerful Leadership’ Talk Slated for Quantico Marine Corps University

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  1. Tim Warner

    How ridiculous. You guys call yourself a religious freedom organisation yet seek to inhibit the religious rights of people who have a belief or wish to pray or worship a deity.

    Just the very name proves the deceit in your purpose.

  2. Connie

    Tim, like Rev Bob, believes he has the right to push his religion on anyone who doesn’t already believe the same as himself. Tim doesn’t understand how offensive his message is, even if the word spoken is love.

    Tim also doesn’t understand there is a difference between civilian and military rights. When a person takes the oath to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights they place their faith inside themselves, and adopt a set of behaviors created to allow many diverse people to act as one.

    I wish Tim had read through this site before offering his uninformed opinion.

    Facts are facts and do not change just because of disbelief.

  3. Tom O

    Tim Warner: MRFF is objecting to MCU officially teaching its leaders that religious faith is an indispensable part of being a good leader and a good Marine. How does that “inhibit the religious rights of people who have a belief or wish to pray or worship a deity”?

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