4/14/16 THE BLAZE – Congressman Demands Answers After Bible Is Removed From Military Display Honoring POWs: ‘Simply Unacceptable’

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  1. G

    This country is sinking in the pit; yet, this senator’s concern is about some stupid book being removed from a USAF base. This book does not pay your bills, put food on the table, put clothes on your back, cure your various illnesses, etc. If it did all these things and more, we would not have all these problems on Earth.

  2. Rev Bob


    “This country is sinking in the pit” and who do we have to blame for that, well let me see, oh I think it is called the liberals or Democrats as well as all unsaved human beings living in this country.

  3. G

    No Rev Bob, it is the right-wing Republicans, corporate CEOs, and right wing evangelists that are sinking the country despite the fact that they go to church on Sunday, but then lie, cheat, and steal from their neighbors on Monday.

  4. Christians in the USA, the most spoiled, coddled and whinny group of people who have special rights, protections and privileges under the law. It must be so difficult for them to be in the majority but not to have the power they once had before the Founders created the USA. America is not a Theocracy, and America is a Republic, where there is no “mob rule” mentality. However, it has always been Christians who fight against this, not wanting others to have as much power. It’s really sad, the Conservative Christians of Today, are literally the same as those with the Puritans, except they have been legally banned from lynching anyone today.

  5. G

    The wealthy people in the USA are in tied for first place with the Christians as being the most spoiled, coddled, and whinny group of people who think that it is the duty for the rest of us to serve them at their whim and who think that God bless them to became rich (Calvinist thinking). They also don’t believe that all men are created equal that the Founding Father envision and think that they are the only ones entitle to the pursuit of happiness, freedom, and liberty. We replace the British aristocracy with an American one. Today’s CEO are the same as the Robbery Barons; however, today’s CEO can’t go around murdering American citizens like they did in the 19th and 20th centuries.

  6. Rev Bob


    Oh please, what CEO’s today are murdering American citizens. I really think you are living in your own reality G.

    Also, Calvinism does not teach that God blesses us to become rich. I know quite a few poor Christians, I have seen them and worked with them one summer while in the ghetto of Providence RI, but I can tell you that they are the happiest Christians thought they do not have much.

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