6/16/16 US Army Soldier of Muslim Faith Expresses Extreme Gratitude to MRFF – “muslim are good soldier”

From: U.S. Army Soldier’s E-Mail Address Withheld

Subject: muslim are good soldier

Date: June 16, 2016 at 3:06:51 PM MDT

To: Information Weinstein <[email protected]>

Mr. Mickey mrff

Thank you for talk to my (Army Sr. NCO title withheld) here at Fort (Name withheld) because of what he say about Muslim in the army. My older brother fight in Fallujeh battle and lost some finger and my other brother is in marines for long year. He deploy many time and have purple heart and 2 (combat medal name withheld). They have got America citizenship and I getting mine soon I hope. Being a soldier helps. Being told that Muslim are bad for American and the army is not good. Really not good in a (Army unit name withheld) meeting where everyone there. Nobody say anything but I wanted to. But if I do it make worse. Thank you for doing it Mr. Mickey mrff. Thank you for answer phone late at night.

I want bad to be America citizen and I love America. I proud to be a soldier and I am good one to. I have America flag on my barrack room. I have America in my heart. I can sing star spangle banner. One day I will sing America national anthem at ball game and I will smile and my parent and my to brother will smile both. Am very sorry about what happen in orlando florida but our (Army Sr. NCO title withheld) never should say that all Muslim are like that shooter in front of our whole (Army unit name withheld). And that Christian don’t ever shoot no one. We are not all like that shooter but many in the army say we are. I try very hard to be good solider but it is hurtful when the leaders say all Muslim are enemy to America. I study very hard for citizenship test and know a lots about America. Saying to stop all Muslim from coming here because we all shoot Christian is lie. My brother have both shot many Muslim in combat to fighting for America. They never even once time shoot a Christian. Why do they think we are the same as terrorist? I am America soldier not terrorist.

My parent come from (Middle Eastern country withheld) and make good life in (U.S. city name withheld). They love us. They teach us that America worth fighting for and me and my brother all do fight. But we only want to be respect for being soldier and not for having other soldier say Islam and Muslim are America enemy. We are just people like everyone is people.  We are not enemy. We would give our live to defend America. If I die on battlefield for America it is my duty. I am ready. So I die. America is worth it. I die with smile on my face.

We are not enemy. We are America just like Christian soldier are. Just like all soldier are. We should be give same chance as everyone.

(Army Sr. NCO rank and name withheld) should not say such bad thing about all Muslim this and all Muslim that. That is not how America stand for.

Thank you Mr. Mickey mrff for make him stop and he say he sorry in front of all (Army unit name withheld). I hope it helps but I don’t can tell yet. Thank for what you say to him.

Please not give my name or brother names. 


(U.S. Army soldier’s name, rank, MOS, unit and military installation withheld)

 Thank you So much for your hard work ! The country should be grateful for your hard  specially during this thought time.

When I read  the email from the follow soldier I can feel the stress and the mental suffering  that he’s enduring. To make a decision and make a complaint as a such it wasn’t easy for him and that was his only hope..his hope was you and your organization.
The think that I can’t understand is this : Why some are forgetting the Nazi regime during the world war two  ? The immigrants coming from Germany and Netherlands played a major role ! These immigrant knew the mind set and in the same time payed an effort to lean more about the constitution of their new country and they adjust!
When some idiots puts the fear among Muslim soldiers ..these soldiers start losing their confidence to do their job correctly !
I sure the Army will expand their effort and make sure that none is harassing these soldiers furthermore supporting them and promote them ..off course after 100% vetting and making sure they all pass educational and mental tests.
It’s not easy for these guys specially if they are first generation Muslim immigrant.
God Bless you during this holy month of Ramadan to you and your family Mikey!
(name withheld)

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1 Comment

  1. Marshalldoc

    My heart breaks reading this impassioned and passion-provoking letter from someone so open, disingenuous and clearly committed caught up in our institutionalized Islamophbia. His commitment to his military profession is clear but his, and his brothers’, sacrifices on behalf of an imperialist Empire dedicated to obtaining control over the Earth’s exploitable resources on the cynical pretexts of ‘regime change’, ‘democracy promotion’, ‘responsibility to protect – ‘R2P’ all too frequently promoted with the unspoken but clear demonization of Islam yet hypocritically exploiting and supporting Wahhabi jihadists (our actual ‘point of the spear’), speaks to his political naivete and exploitation. All-in-all, an heartbreaking letter. If there’s a bright spot, it’s Mikey & MRFF’s ability and willingness to try and protect him from what is most certainly a sub-rosa official policy of dehumanizing Muslims… all the easier to kill ’em when the time comes. Isn’t that the bottom line in basic training?

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